“When the student is ready, the teacher appears” – Buddha

This is going to sound incredibly insane or right on the mark for a few people that have done it. Cross it off the 2012 bucket list, I am going for it. A 21 day…drum role please…juice fast. Now before you call me and ask me if I am out of my mind, I can assure you that this is well documented and incredibly great for your body. What does it entail. 21 days of drinking 4-6 servings of 16oz shots of fruit and vegi juice. There is this fantastic documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which only solidified my resolve for doing this. Also, there is a book called Juice Fasting and Detoxification that is a great guide on how to do this properly. The way it works is that the first 3-4 days absolutely suck because your body is detoxifying itself. Your body goes through ridding itself from all of the toxins readily available, then the ones in your deep tissue, and then eventually in your joints. While this sounds like grueling process, it really has fantastic benefits. So off I go. I already hammered down my first big juice cocktail and am looking forward to the rest. I have taken my before picture and will post my after picture in 21 days. All I ask is for a little bit of support on this. I know it is deemed socially nuts and many people will look with an unsure eye, but, I am doing it and there’s really nothing else to say about that!


There is another reason why I am doing this besides general health. It is going to be a little bit of a spiritual experience for me. If I can go to 40 days after my evaluation with my doctor at 21 days I will. By the way, always go to your doctor before doing things and make sure that you are good to go. You don’t want to put yourself at any sort of risk. But back to the spiritual part. I never really fancied myself to be a religious person (Catholic, Christian, Muslim…..you know the rest). I do believe in something called God…but he does not have a specific floor plan in which I have to be on to be in communication. This process is about cutting out all the fat, both physically, mentally, and linguistically. I used to think that by writing a ton and saying more than I needed to that it would make me look smarter and make what I am saying more credible. Well after these recent months and in learning from a couple of great teachers, I have started to learn how to cut out the fat from my writing. Of course there are times when you need to elaborate on things, but I think that in general it is the best to have writing that packs a punch and really gets to the point. So, saying that, I am really focusing on delivering pieces of work that are hard-hitting and to the point. I never thought of myself as a boxer that jabbed his way to victory…I think I’m more like Mike Tyson…just not the ear biting part.

I put the quote up at the top because it is incredibly insightful. No matter how smart the teacher is, he will not be listened to or understood until the student is ready. This project is all about self discovery…and boy have I learned a lot. We are almost coming up on 1 year of writing and that completely blows my mind. By the way keep an eye out for that 1 year anniversary post it will be a special one. But what really just knocks me off my chair is the amount of change and adaptation I have gone through in the past year. I mean good lord, last year I was having a really hard time picking myself up right about now and I would not have changed that for anything. It taught me a lot of things including resilience. For me, resilience is the ability to stand in the shit and simply go…well this is shitty…time to move. It may take a while to get out of it, but when you are, things never seemed so good. I am really becoming a student of life. While I can talk your ear off about things that I have learned, I know that many of you don’t have hours to read posts. So I am going to keep this really simple.

When your mind tires, trust your heart. Your mind can play tricks on you and tell you things to take you off track, but when you listen to your heart, you will always know where to go. Your mind creates your dreams, your heart follows them. Your mind conceals your feelings, your heart opens you up to them. If you want to make a change in your life, make it. There is no better time than now. Don’t worry about what others will say including your mind, because if your heart is in it, you can do anything.



Evan Sanders