1° doesn’t sound like much…but if you apply 1° to an aspect of your life…over time…you will have something that looks completely different.

This is one of the most interesting concepts I have come across in the past few days. If you start doing little things that you usually do not due, in the long run you will develop habits and actions that were significantly different than your past actions. I know that I talk about staying in the present, but if you know that something with have a great influence on the future, then make sure you apply those things today. The concept of changing things 1° at a time is unbelievably refreshing. What will happen to almost 50% of Americans who just set their new years resolutions is that they will try as hard as they can for about 2-3 weeks and then burn themselves out. It is not a race. It is a marathon. Things are not going to change instantly. You have to let yourself grow and mature over time. Sure there are some things that you can stop doing, but the good habits and actions that you do not have right now will take time to develop. I was listening to an interesting talk the other day about what it means to be nervous. When you are nervous for an event or something, a lot of the time it means that you have an untrained ability that you are afraid of getting exposed. However, when you are not nervous, it means that you are 100% ready for the situation and confident that you can show off all the hard work that you have done. I have found this to be the truth when I am nervous. Usually we know exactly what we will need to win or to perform well in a given situation. So, map it out, list it out, and train all those abilities or actions you will need to do that. Often we leave a lot up to chance or “luck” as I wrote about recently. Control as much of the equation as possible and get to work!

I posted this song above for these specific lines which resonate with me.

I see I said, jealousy I said
Got the whole industry mad at me I said
Then B.I. said, “Hov’ remind yourself
nobody built like you, you designed yourself”
I agree I said, my one of a kind self
Get stoned every day like Jesus did
What he said, I said, has been said before
“Just keep doin your thing,” he said, say no more

You design yourself every single day. Seriously, focus on shaping yourself like a piece of clay. After even one week of great eating I can see the differences. I feel and look leaner. Keeping it up…only 51 more weeks to go. I learned something about myself in the gym today. I learned that if I close my eyes, I can add 10 lbs and 5 more reps. That can be a huge difference in the end game. This is truly an awesome discovery for me and I am sure I will continue to use it.

I want to thank all the people who comment on this blog. As much as I am writing it for myself, I am also writing it because I know others can find some light in something that I talk about. So, I appreciate it a ton that you guys leave comments here because I love seeing what comes up for you. I also get a lot of insights from what you guys say that often of times I didn’t think about…or insights about things that I totally intended to have happen. Awesome. Purely awesome.

So how is the project going for me so far? I love writing here every day because it keeps me motivated and it pumps me up hearing from everyone. So, on a scale of 10 I feel that this is a 9.5 right now.

Take your day, put it in your hands, and mold it. You can do literally anything you want today. There are no restrictions on your life. It’s all in your hands.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project