I was watching this amazing video the other day of a professional weightlifter called Kai Greene. Putting aside all of the brute force and everything associated with lifting…it was his mind that was the most impressive thing of all. 7 weeks before his ultimate contest “Mr. Olympia,” Greene took to the outskirts of Las Vegas in complete seclusion to train. He would eat, sleep, listen to tapes, and train. And when I tell you he put himself through a lot, I really mean it. This guy took his mind and his body to the limits. He realized that he had to do something great, and while he only reached 4th place, he accomplished something no other competitor had done on their first try. So Kai Greene a lot during his workouts and after his workouts is in intense focus mode. If he couldn’t get himself motivated enough to get to the gym, he would go back to sleep and then sometimes wake up at 2-3am to finish his cardio workouts. Once I get back to school I am going to start doing my cardio at 11:30 4 times a week because it is great to have that burn and extra little energy pump during the evening. What I always appreciate about life is the ability to learn something new every single day. Often of times you can learn multiple things in each day, things that can add to your ability to improve all the time.

I think it is your responsibility as a human being to be improving upon yourself every single day. The attitude of “this is good enough” I feel is one of the most detrimental attitudes out there. Simply believing that things are okay where they are at only leads to mediocrity. How much can you push yourself today? I think we have all been guilty of making commitments to ourselves and others that we did not follow through on, but its about where your moral compass is pointed that will always keep you on track and trying.

I talked about this a little bit the other day, but when my cousin is struggling with staying committed to the things he say he would do…and I am there with him and see/hear him doing this…I say to him “On the Job.” Right now, he has nothing he really has to do besides go to work every single day on bettering himself. “On the Job” means that he is going to essentially be at work all day, and when he starts going off track, he can be reminded that he is still at work and to get back on track. I simply remind him that not everything in this life has a set out plan for how he should do this, but he can find out his own plan and take the proper steps towards his goals. Its going to be difficult…but not stressful or terrible. Once you attribute those words to a situation, you are stuck in a world of hurt.

I love Christmas because it is a great time for people to gather around and just love each other like crazy. Sure the cooking leads to stress etc, but all in all everyone has a great time. I can’t wait to have kids one day because I remember specifically my little cousins in their pajamas running downstairs and seeing all of their presents. One of the coolest things I got this year was a fishing rod and reel. We recently lost a rod up in the Sierras somehow…and my dad thought of the coolest gift ever to give me. What is grew though is that this rod and reel will last me the rest of my life. I will always have that place to go to in the Sierras that I can see myself running up and down those rocks catching fish with my dad. To me, those memories are priceless. I know that one day I will also get a small girl yellow lab just like my old dog. I talk a lot about living in the present, but there were amazing parts of my childhood that live in vivid color in my mind. Fishing, my dog, and baseball are all permanently glued up in my noggin.

Set your resolutions, and keep them. You have every single day to work on yourself and to force yourself into scary and uncomfortable situations. If you are not scared, you are not trying hard enough to develop yourself. It is going to be one hell of a ride, but it is going to be amazing. Till tomorrow.



Evan Sanders