A champion. What makes a champion? How can you become a champion?

Well first…a champion of what?

I have embarked on a journey to become a champion of my mind and a champion of the gym. I put a different word in front of what I want to do for a living.

I want to be a Titan of industry…but through a completely different channel, inspiration. I want to live an inspiring life and help others live this same type of life.

I guess some people could call that being a life coach in some ways, but I don’t believe in coaching people through life.

I believe in one thing to that regard, and it is offering perspective.

That is what this whole project all about.

I never will tell you that what I am thinking is the right way or the only way.

No, it’s just about perspective.

I had a coworker ask me why I read so many inspirational and development books and what was my reason for it.

Inspiration? My answer to her question was no. Not inspiration. The warriors go into their minds for inspiration, that is where the most powerful tool is. I listen, read, and look at all this stuff for one word: perspective.

Once you think you know everything, you are lost. You cannot continue to grow. You will be stuck and eventually deteriorate all the hard work you have done.

That is why I don’t just listen to audiobooks once, I listen to them 3-4 times…and still I learn something new every single time.

That is exciting. I am in the process of writing short reviews on development books and putting them up on this page. Hopefully you will enjoy that!

I am so incredibly happy about a few things.

By the way…they are in no order of importance.

Just the effect of stream of consciousness writing.

1. My friends – there is nothing more perfect than the relationships I have with people right now. Not because the relationship is perfect, but because the people are amazing.

I have always been a firm believer in being nice to everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to be friends with everyone.

If you do that, you spread yourself out too thin. Of course you are going to meet some fantastic people out there, so keep your doors open.

Who knows…lightning could strike.

2. Body image and goals – I have been unbelievably sore the past two weeks. These workouts are killing me.

I am sweating and having to lay on the floor because I am so wiped out after sets. If you aren’t sweating in the gym…you aren’t working hard enough.

Fish or cut bait.

3. My mind – I can recognize all sorts of thoughts that come up into my head. That sounds like…”well duh Evan everyone can do that.”

Well sure, but can you recognize an emotion that is boiling up…and recognize it and stop it from controlling your actions?

Master of the mind. I try to test this every day in the gym. When I can’t do one more rep, I try to get 2-3 more.

Pure willpower will get you through those reps. If your mind tells your body to do it…the body will find a way to make it happen.

Have no fear, your mind can become invincible if you train it to be.

4. Patience – I continue to drive myself to be more patient.

Patient with myself, with others, with people who I haven’t talked to in a while, with promises made.

Patience is another measure of determination. Are you patient enough with yourself to take a deep breath and keep trying?

Because If you have a dream, and are determined, you will have to be patient.

5. Me – I am happy being me. Not anyone else. It’s surprising how much pressure the world puts on individuals to be a certain way and follow a certain path.

I never swear in my writing because I don’t think you should have to make a point through brutal language. But if anyone ever tells you you can do something…_____ them.

I think you can fill in the space. I feel so strongly about that topic its unbelievable. I have felt the pressure, but in my heart I know my way will be drastically different.

Forget the naysayers. Listen to your heart. Trust yourself.

What makes a champion. You.

Being you will make a champion. Not living someone else’s life. Not being a product of society. Doing your own thing. Seriously, follow your dreams.

Anyone can tell you what will be good for you, but what the hell do you think. What makes you special! These two girls walked into the gym today, picked up a pair of dumbbells, I have no idea what they were doing but did something apparently, and left 5 minutes later.

The conversation was “I just feel lazy and weird today…I can’t do it.” Pull your shoulders up.

Come in serious. If you aren’t sweating like crazy and breaking down walls of metal barriers, then what are you doing in the gym.

Get after it! Push yourself!

I apologize for that rant, but honestly, grow in the gym, mentally and physically.

Push yourself to the max.

Who cares if you are tired. Don’t even show up if you have a terrible attitude.

I talked about this the other night, but if you can’t get it right in the gym, how are you going to get it right in life?

You are a champion if you decide to be a champion.

No one else can make that decision for you.

You have to wake up and say ‘I am going to be a champion.’

Make your decision.

Trust yourself.

Embrace and run with fear along the way.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project