In this moment, there is nothing.

These words would haunt a persons soul who doesn’t understand.

So let me explain the amazing feat of living your life in nothingness.

We live in a world of complementary ideas.

With happiness is sadness. Laughing and crying. Arrogance and humbleness.

The list goes on. If you look at your life and you see nothing, you also have the opportunity to see…everything.

I look at myself each morning and see a completely blank slate. Trust me, this did not happen overnight. It took lots of work and a committed heart.

But now, I see that pad of paper where I write out my day, and write out what I am committing to that day as a person, and there is everything in front of me.

The possibilities are endless. I work around people who always tell me to start living in possibility, however I never really understood what that meant till this past weekend.

Living is possibility, is living in a moment where you are not controlled by your past or manipulated by your future.

You are living 100% in the moment. No fear. Simply nothing. Nothing surrounds you. But in this nothingness, there is everything.

That moment, I live for every day.

What is amazing about my life now? Let me tell you exactly. No, I am not listing achievements or tangible things…but something much more important to me. I have complete recognition of my thoughts and my emotions at any given time. This has never been the case.

So instead of fighting them or caving into what they are saying (especially when they are negative) I simply take them as they are and let them pass. This is huge for me. Why have I struggled so much?

This is the precise reason why I have struggled so much in the past. I had absolutely no control over my own life and no personal power because I blamed other people for what was going on in my life!

Redemption. My life is completely back in my hands. Today was a perfect example of what is possible in life. I had this awful relationship with one of my best friends, and we sat down, and had a conversation that we had a couple times before.

But what was different? I took him as he was, respected him for everything he was and wasn’t, and took responsibility for what had happened in our friendship. This reality was never close to in view even a week ago.

However, this is the power of what I have learned. I have taken my life and flipped all of the cards. To me, this is unreal.

And if your curious, those two men who couldn’t stand the sight of each other for almost a year…embraced when it was time to part. Miracles do happen.

I start school tomorrow.

That is all I want to say about my future. What am I committed to? I made this motto up for myself last night. Extraordinary discipline creates extraordinary results.

So. For school this year, I am creating the possibility of being a disciplined and tenacious student.

Tackle the bull of your mind, and nothing ever will stop you.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project