I started off the weekend frustrated.

Back to where I had spent 3 days before, 12 hours a day, learning about how to create a new life.

It was not that I wasn’t ready to go, but I was concerned about what was going to go on for me in my life.

I created so much at the Forum, I had no idea how the advanced course would go.

Little did I know, this weekend, would once again transform my life. 

My frustration came from, which I found out later on in the weekend, a place of being completely and entirely inauthentic with myself.

Most of all, a person of shifting integrity. Well, let’s just call it what it is. I would break my word to myself. So this was awful and definitely having a major effect on my life.

It really did put me down in the dumps for a few days, and because of this, I just kept perpetuating the problem. The weekend took me places I cannot put into words here…and that is the point.

I came to this. For the longest time, I used my writing as a direct reflection of what I was feeling. The emotions and thoughts ran what I would write. While the writing at times was moving and inspiring, it took me down a path I did not want to go.

It kept the feelings and emotions that I was trying to rid myself of stay with me up until the Forum.

But that’s the thing. We spend all of our time trying to get rid of something.

Rid of sadness, rid of stress. Instead, and this was one of the major things I learned, you have to just be with the feeling or thought, acknowledge it for what it is, and then create whatever you want to in that moment.

It is a easy concept to understand. In the moment your living in, a moment that is the only thing you can control in life.

The past does not exist and neither does the future.

You can invent anything you want for your life and have it.

All you have to do is declare it into existence. 

What is beautiful about this life is that we have the power and the ability to transform the world.

We do this through our own declarations of what we want in this life. Through these expressions of will and in the enrollment of others into our world, we can create a better life and help create better lives for others.

So this is what I am committed to. First, I would like to acknowledge that I have been very inauthentic with everyone.

I have held back and know that now I can be 100% totally real with people.

I am also going to be able to open up to a whole new level of my writing and be able to write words that are empowering and create amazing things.

Here is what I have committed to:

In this moment, there is nothing. No Past. No future. Its perfect. Nothing to fix or change. From nothing, who I am right now is the possibility of leading a tenacious life full of love.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project