There are funny times throughout the day, where I think about the past, and I chuckle. This is strictly a new phenomenon for me. I used to dread thinking about the past. But now, everything has changed. As soon as my mind drifts to that distant far away place that I used to fear so much, I snap right back into reality. I have taken grips on the collar of my life and shaken it up. I can walk with confidence again.

You deserve the best. Nothing short of that. If someone starts treating you poorly and taking advantage of you and your love, politely walk away. I know too many people that are scared to be alone ( I used to be one of them). But trust me, its not actually that bad. You learn a ton about yourself, and you get your swag back. You dont live scared, and you don’t live in fear of anyone else. You get to create whatever you want in this world. The past three years were a little rough, but I cannot wait to get to school to do something fantastic. There is no fear in this heart. I was always afraid to struggle and to fail, and because I was afraid of it…it would happen. I was afraid of looking bad. But when you do that, you are just walking around tentative…never really ready to strike at opportunity. 

I am creating something better. I have left the broken parts in the past where they belong and making something new and real. I am a little exhausted. I am sure though that part of that is because of my knee. But still, I am tired. Its funny how creating yourself actually takes a lot out of you. Makes sense though. You have to break all of these habits that you once had and they constantly keep on trying to fight back. I will not let that happen.

I had an unbelievable night at my seminar series tonight. It was all about the process in which we can turn our complaints into possibilities. As I looked at my list of complaints, I found the one that was the creator of the entire list. A breach in integrity. That is what has been holding me back. I know that if I ever feel stagnant and that the machine isn’t rolling, then I have a breach in my integrity wheel. So, what to do about this. Well read this very clear. 

I declare that from this moment in time, 1:07 am Tuesday August 30th, that I will act fully as a man of integrity and as the man I know how to be. 

You must DECLARE out loud what you want for you life. You must also enroll others into this. So there is my declaration, and I will go to work on enrolling people in this as soon as possible tomorrow morning. It is so easy to fall back into bad habits. But when you do that, you must break this trend. You must create something for yourself. “We must because we can.” Look at your life, and do what you must. There is no perfect time for anything but in this second right now. You have to transform. You have to make yourself for once into that piece of clay that you have been molding your entire life. Some of the steps to get there may be rough and tough, but thats life! Life is hard. Of course its going to kick you on your butt…and keep you there if you let it. But now that I look at my favorite quote of all time from Rocky “Life ain’t about how hard you hit, but about how hard you hit and keep moving forward,” I realize what hese actually trying to say. Its not about actually having taken the hits that counts. No one gives credit to the boxer that took one hell of a punch and lost. The credit goes to the guy that was willing to die to win. The guy that went through anything to get to where he could. That man is the winner. Than man had courage. That man had an iron soul. This, is what is important. This is how you win in your life. Time after time you will be knocked down, but get back up with tenacity and go show them. Go show the world what you are made of…yes you are human…but you are a human waiting to explode onto the scene and transform the world. Create something beautiful, but first create the possibility in your life to make it happen. I have created mine. Mine was declared at 1:07 am. Declare yours.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project