It’s amazing what you can do with your life.

God gave you these shoes to walk in, so do what you can with them.

These shoes will be on your feet your whole life. When I get to my death bed, I will look down at my feet and some some very dirty and worn out shoes.

I will have many friends, have met thousands of people, loved my heart out, had tons of kids, and lived my life through this one small phrase.

Nothing is Impossible.

Because I know that if I give this life my best shot, I will have no regrets.

This past week I have been run more than 40 miles, bike for than 150 miles, and swam more than 10 miles. I want to become a world class triathlete.

It’s been so long since I have competed for anything.

And while by body is perpetually sore and I am beat up, I feel fantastic. My legs are getting a lot stronger, my knee is getting better, and I am learning to work through the pain that is delivered to me every day as I pull on my workout clothes.

I am becoming more and more flexible, something that I have never been good at. While I have been waking up at 6 am every day, and am tired as hell, I look forward to going out and pushing myself. To driving myself into the ground.

By doing the things I am not the strongest at, so when that competition comes, I know what to do when I feel that pain….just keep pushing harder. I am an adrenaline junkie.

I love the thrill of the challenge. My first triathlon is on September 11 in San Diego. I cant wait. First to jump in the water with hundreds of other people, and second to finally see what I am capable of. 

You can do anything with your life that you want to.

The reason why some people become the worlds heroes is because they set out on that path. I want to change the world. I will change the world.

I want to be that Dad who his little kids are proud of. They can tell their other friends that their daddy changed the world. This is going to be a difficult task, but I am up for it. I will accomplish this.

People will tell me no, but I wont listen.

When people start talking to me and tell me things cannot be done, I look at them but I am not listening. I cant hear that. I cant hear that I cant do something.

For them maybe it’s not possible, but I never say that I cant or that its impossible. Those words are not in my vocabulary. 

I keep people around me that bring me up and push me harder. I keep them because they always believe in me no matter what. No matter how much I am struggling.

Greg, through the worst of my times, has always told me that I am doing great and will do amazing things. Even though at times I didn’t believe it, my heart did.

These friends of mine know that I can do these things I set out to do. Many of the mornings I wake up and watch the Muhammad Ali ad about nothing being impossible. It’s about listening to yourself.

It’s about telling yourself yes I can. I let myself know every morning that I am going out and going to make the most of that day. I am going to rock that day.

I am at peace.

One of the things that I wanted to talk about today was asking for help when you need it. I have always been a lone wolf. But I am working on asking for advice and talking about things when I need help.

You cant always do things on your own.

Sometimes you really do need the input of others. Always listen to yourself, but be patient with those who from the heart give you their advice.

You can tell the people who are blowing smoke and those who actually care. Someone did that for me this week, and it settled a lot of things on my mind.

I didn’t even have to do anything about the situation, it just put me at peace. If there is anything that I have to say that I have learned in the past few days, its listen to yourself.

To your voice. To your heart.

It may sound corny, but if you hear that voice inside of you, there is a fire waiting for you to pour some gas on it…and really go out into the world and light some fires.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project