Yesterday I spent an hour and a half transferring over all of my posts to this blog site.

What was great about that though was going through every single one of my posts and really seeing how far I have come.

I pulled little quotes from it and really loved looking at all of the pictures that I had put up. I can’t tell you how excited I am about writing on this site though.

Things really look great and much cleaner.

Also, there is something heaven like about having a pure white background. Maybe it goes along with how I am feeling right now…like I am on cloud 9. 

So it took a while.

But let me tell you what I loved about today. I loved how much I was challenged today and how I decided to act.

I had one great opportunity to pull out some attitudes from the past, but I put those in a steel trash can and lit those on fire as soon as I could. Instead, I lived up to what I have been talking about.

I see myself becoming a better man, and it makes me really excited. Sure some things are really unpredictable…but instead of fighting that like I always used to, I just smiled and felt all of this steam release from my body.

I felt renewed. And who would have thought that the exact situation I was dealing with that day would literally circle back around and I would be given a small little token of appreciation.

I honestly am a huge believer in Karma, or whatever word you want to use for good things happening when you do good things, and BAM it happened.

It actually caught me really off guard, but I smiled so wide I think you could see all of my teeth.

Today I ran for 40 minutes, biked for 40 minutes, and swam for 30 minutes. I am training as hard as I can to become a triathlete. 9 weeks of hard training and then I will start entering in triathlons.

I am really happy I found something I love so much. I love kicking my ass every day and still being able to lift. I found the best of both worlds.

Tonight I want to talk about something really important to me.

My inner voice.

I think where this applies the most is in my writing. There are so many opportunities to try to impress people and really move outside of myself with my writing, but I wouldn’t be able to put the same amount of passion and emotion into this if I tried to be someone else.

Always be you. Just you.

You are perfect the way you are. Don’t try to be someone that you aren’t, or try to do things that are out of your character. You only end up losing sight of yourself in the end.

Trust me, I have been there. I remember my freshman year of college, I tried doing all of these things that everyone else was doing, and tried being someone that I wasn’t, and I really ended up hurting myself pretty bad and didn’t find out truly who I was till, well, probably a year ago.

Yeah its really fun to grab the attention of a lot of people, but you’re just going to burn yourself out. Any day I would choose the 5 friends that I know I can depend on for anything over having 20+ friends who I have mediocre relationships with.

Your voice is also important when you are talking to people. As someone who has been blessed with reading people very well, I can tell when people are acting out of character or playing it safe with me.

I may not mention it, but I definitely notice. I have written it before, I am pretty perceptive when people are acting outside of their usual self. So tell people what you truly think about them and how much you care.

This is what Audrey and I sat down and talked about today. Just about knowing that at the end of the day, there are people willing to drop everything for you if you needed them.

And I mean everything.

No excuses, no delays.

I know that I have a few friends like that.

Not everyone will do that for you, so when you find those people, they are your true friends. 

Lastly though, listen to that little voice inside of you.

It’s there for a reason. When you hear that voice talking to you, make sure to start paying attention.

I have been in situations where I have heard it, and 10/10 times it has benefited me greatly. I always trust myself. I do what I know is right. If that means being vulnerable with slim chances of return, I go ahead and do that, because I know it will make me happy.

I know that I love sending people little texts letting them know how awesome and important to me they are. Yeah, you may think its corny, but to that person, whether they are laughing at me or laughing with me, they are still laughing, and that is good enough for me.

I love bringing happiness to people, because it also makes me feel good. 

I woke up this morning after a terrible insomnia attack and said, “Evan, how are you going to make the best out of today.”

Well, I worked out like it was the last day of my life, I spent a good part of my day with people I really care about, I did something that made me really vulnerable, I made a few people smile, and I am here writing.

Someone the other day saw one of those signs that said “JUDGEMENT DAY”

May something or other and said “What do you think about that?” I said, you know, if judgement day is really coming then, then bring it on. I know who I am and I know that my heart is full of love.

I am not scared.

With that response, I knew that I was ready to start building myself something beautiful. It had been a long rocky road, but after you hit that nice paved road again, I have to say it feels great.

So I am running, biking, and swimming after my dreams and leaving everything else behind. Catch me if you can.

Here are my new goals.

  1. June 15, I will have an 8 pack.
  2. July 1, I can run, bike, and swim for 30 minute segments in a row
  3. July 20, I will have 6 K in the bank
  4. September 25, I will be down to 6% body fat
  5. I will wake up every day asking how I can make the most of that day
  6. I will hike half dome this summer
  7. I will spend 3 days camping in Calaveras and fish my heart out
  8. By the end of the summer, I will have competed in my first triathlon
  9. I will have produced my first mass marketing campaign for N. California for lululemon.
  10. I will read at least 15 books on marketing
  11. I will road trip out of the state with my best friend

I am sure that there are a lot more that I will be adding to this list, but its a good start. “If you have a dream, go get it, period.” – Pursuit of Happyness

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project