I have these hands. They are unlike anyone else’s hands you have ever seen. Thats because they aren’t hands, they’re paws. I wasn’t blessed with particularly long fingers, but I was blessed with these very wide and strong hands. So, as a result, I have paws. My dad and I have similar hands, and we always joke that they are good for getting under rocks and other heavy objects. When rocks crush your pretty long fingers, our hands are still digging in. Right now, I am really digging into my life and getting down to the things that really make me what I am. The dirt is thick, and the rocks are heavy, but I have the equipment for it. This is really not about my hands though, but what we can do with our hands.

Your hands are the greatest tool you will ever have in your lifetime. Your hands allow you to do anything. They allow me to write, make my body stronger, wash myself off at the end of the day, and turn the pages of the books I read. The list goes on. But your hands are used for everything. Our hands, allow us to mold our lives. Just like a sculpter, we can shape ourselves. But…our hands…are meant to fit into the hands of others.

What is amazing about life is that we all are given different shaped hands…but sometimes, when your lucky, your hands fit perfectly into those of another. No matter how different they are, they just fit together. Your hands are meant to find other hands…and intertwine themselves into someone else’s fingers. And this, for me, is what my journey is about. This is one of the first videos I ever saved on my computer. When I was 17, I put this in a place where I could never lose it. Its stayed with me all these years. I apologize for not being able to embed it, but make sure you watch it.

Dont ever play it safe with your heart. Thats not what its for. Take chances. Sometimes it works out perfectly since high school, but most of the time heartbreak happens over and over again. I remember at 16 saying to my friend “Your heart grows back stronger after its had the shit kicked out of it.” And its true. My favorite part of Anthony Hopkins speech is the part at the end. Yes we may have a certain past or a conflicting present, but stay open…because you never know what might happen. Keep your heart and your mind open, because no matter what, lightning could strike.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project