Thank You For Signing Up!


“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

I wanted to take a second to say thank you for signing up for The Mindful Minute and give you a few words of encouragement before you go on this journey with me.

Everyone has a story.

Everyone starts somewhere.

There’s a big difference between those who go out into the world and make a huge impact and those who stay “stuck.”

It all comes down to one thing: action.

I think Joseph Campbell, the famous American Mythologist who wrote, “The Heroes Journey” and the quote above would certainly agree.

And you have just taken that first step.

So bravo! (or brava for the ladies)…

Signing up for The Mindful Minute will change your life. But you have to let it. You have to be willing to try things you’ve never done before and get out of your comfort zone.


Because your comfort zone, while it has served you in the past, will not serve you in continuing to grow. That’s not where the magic is.

We all know that we have something deep inside of us that is just begging to come out.

For some that might be a courage, for others that might be acceptance, love, adventure, passion…

But we all are on a journey.

We are all on a unique path to bring the best out in ourselves, to free ourselves from our past, and to create a wild and beautiful future that will be mind-blowing and enchanting.

You’re in the right place…

Even if you feel stuck right now…especially if you feel stuck right now.

I pour my heart into each one of these emails…because I want to see you out there taking on life. Nothing would make me happier. But like I said, you have to let these sink in.

If you stick with developing yourself, the journey you have in front of you is going to be life changing. I can’t say it enough.

And on this journey, there will be victories and defeats. You will be uncomfortable, and you will have moments where you laugh, cry, sit in complete peace and everything else in between…

That’s the point.

To experience all that life has to offer and not be a slave to the ordinary anymore.

And guess what? You’re not doing it on your own.

You have a community of people traveling with you who not only believe in you, but who can skillfully help you navigate the land of the unknown through their support as well.

Life is going to challenge you.

But if you stick with it and dedicate yourself to simply “showing up” no matter how hard the day may be, you will grow. You will grow in ways you never imagined.

If you don’t show up and try, you won’t change.

But if you do show up, and you really give this a good shot…you will see things shift.

So get ready for the journey of your life.

Those big changes…?

They are coming. Don’t you worry.

Evan Sanders, The Mindful Minute