Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem | Keep It #100 | Episode 7

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Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem | Keep It #100 | Episode 7  “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost is one of my favorite poems because it reminds me that the permanence of things in this world is ever-changing. As the sun goes up it must come down. That doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate the beauty of what is occurring around us…but we must understand that everything is incredibly cyclical and therefore subject to great shifts. Live bold. Dream Big. Dare greatly. “It is a truly life-changing, paradigm shifting and life transforming book.” Download my new book “Two Wolves” for free! Join the movement of men and women looking to inspire and change the world –

Negative Emotions & Motivation | Keep It #100 | Episode 6

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Negative Emotions & Motivation | Keep It #100 | Episode 6  Negative emotions can be an incredibly strong force when trying to motivate yourself. I myself have used the things that people have said about me, the things that have happened to me, etc as fuel many times. I call it “burning it black.” When you see black smoke in the sky around me, you know that I am digging into often a painful place and using that to inspire myself to move forward in a positive direction. And that’s what it is really about – using the painful times and converting them to positive outcomes. Live bold. Dream Big. Dare greatly. “It is a truly life-changing, paradigm shifting …

Reveal Yourself

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“Reveal everything there is to know about yourself, and let the chips fall where they may.” – William Parish, Meet Joe Black Reveal yourself to me I heard a whisper. Reveal yourself. You know that deep down all the strength in the world will arrive when you finally have the courage to reveal yourself. So let it go. Let it fly. But keep a close watch on me. Don’t restrict yourself for any reason, but just keep an eye out for me.   There’s a lot of questions around how to be happy with yourself and life, but I think fundamentally deep down we begin to truly feel happy as can be when we are connected with what is going …

Pick Your Battles | Keep It #100 | Episode 5

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Pick Your Battles | Keep It #100 | Episode 5 I’ve been told an old phrase over and over again…”You can either be right or be happy.” Funny how those two things separate like that. But it really does make sense. Think of the last time you got into an argument with someone over something and everything just got torn apart. Were you trying to be both? Were you trying to be right? It’s important to pick your battles. Maybe even more important than picking arguments is to pick things in this life that are really worth fighting for – dreams, love, passion, goals. Who knows? Live bold. Dream Big. Dare greatly. “It is a truly life-changing, paradigm shifting …

The Challenges Of Spiritual Transformation

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  Oh spiritual transformation, how do you kick my butt. Tonight, I’m struggling. I’m struggling to lift a pretty large amount of uncertainty. I’m struggling because there are things that are changing, which feel not as cozy and homey as they used to, and it’s taking a little bit out of me. But tonight I am here writing about how difficult this spiritual transformation is as a way to be honest with what is going on with me right now. One of the biggest challenges I am facing this year is being willing and able to lift as much uncertainty as I can and to be willing to be okay with that. Right now, I don’t feel okay with it. …

The Best Things In Life Are Free | Keep It #100 | Episode 4

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The Best Things In Life Are Free | Keep It #100 | Episode 4 There’s this massive narrative that we are exposed to in this world and it’s the story of “you will be happy when you get here,” Wherever that here is – new house, money, clothes, car, women, men, and everything else in between. But the truth is happiness does not lie in that place where “it all turns out.” Happiness lies in the connections and the relationships you have in the present. When you are truly connected you feel like you are just flowing. However, when you focus too much on the future and thinking that your happiness will suddenly appear when you get to where you …

Past And Present | Keep It #100 | Episode 3

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Past And Present | Keep It #100 | Episode 3 The past and the present have a really interesting relationship…but don’t forget the future as well. In reality, you can only truly live in the present. Many of us try to live in the past or in the future, but you actually can’t go there. You must bring yourself back to this moment – the only moment that you have. When you begin to live in the present, you give yourself the opportunity to experience true openness and connection to the people and the world around you. Live bold. Dream Big. Dare greatly. “It is a truly life-changing, paradigm shifting and life transforming book.” Download my new book “Two …

Unconditional Love Ended My War With The World

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I promise to never know you – I will learn about you each and every day I promise to never need you – need you to be anything but what you are I promise to rock your socks off every day.  – My 3 Commitments, The Better Man Project.  Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I still believe in unconditional love. I still believe in the beauty of matching souls and what happens when you start having that type of love and the feelings it creates when it awakens in your heart. That type of love is seeded in deep vulnerability – being willing to expose yourself and giving people the tools to destroy you completely and having faith that they won’t. …

When The Black Dog Arrives

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    The Black Dog Arrives Oh when the black dog arrives and that deep seething anxiety begins to spoil everything down in the gut running your mind a million miles a second and you can’t slow down because you get that feeling that everything is just wrong Throwing you horribly off center Pulling you outside of yourself Instilling the depths of fear into your mind fear of the possibility of things falling to pieces You begin to see things that you have no business seeing You begin to hear that growl the voice of regret resentment grief You feel shame because of it That black dog nipping at your fingertips Aching you to continue walking in anxiety The quicker you …

Window Of Opportunity | Keep it #100 | Episode 2

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Window Of Opportunity | Keep It #100 | Episode 2 There is only a specific window of opportunity in which we can truly capture our dreams and goals. When it comes down to it, it’s about looking at everything as either an opportunity or an obligation. When you start seeing everything as an obligation…you end up in this really negative place. However, when you stay focused on the opportunity you get excited about the chance you have instead of how tired and worn down you may be. Live bold. Dream Big. Dare greatly. “It is a truly life-changing, paradigm shifting and life transforming book.” Download my new book “Two Wolves” for free! Join the movement of men and …

The Depths Of Your Heart

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The depths of your heart can be a pretty pure place to go. I used to think it was a place of intense confusion and where the past lived, but I’ve come to find that it’s really a place of purity. These emotions that I feel inside have been claimed to be intense and for some reason I have experienced some sort of negativity in this word. Maybe it’s the way I am taking it? Maybe it’s the way that I interpret that word? Nonetheless, I am starting to find that this emotional intensity about life is actually simplicity manifesting itself. I’m hooking up and linking into the purity of some of these emotions that I have never fully experienced before. Maybe …

The Courage To Reveal Your Heart

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What You Are Capable Of  You must realize on the most profound level that life is a gift. There is nothing wrong with life and nothing wrong with the material world. If you stop taking things for granted you will be flooded with joy and gratitude all the time. When you have no claims on life, everything becomes a Divine gift capable of sweeping you into ecstasy.  Your greatest gift is your ability to see the spiritual in the materialistic world – to perceive the Divine in the ordinary. The key thing for you to understand is that as long as you are directly pursuing happiness and satisfaction, you will never attain them.  When you give up your willfulness, you …

The Better Man Project Book

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The Better Man Project Book The Better Man Project book is a look at my daily journey towards becoming a better man, as well as a glimpse into the valuable lessons I learn along the way. Socrates once said, “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” I, in fact, know nothing. But because I know nothing, I have given myself the best opportunity to learn from everything. That is why I am here in front of you today, and that is how The Better Man Project was born. Several years ago, I sat on the bed in my small dorm room and realized that whatever path I was on was destined for disaster. My life lacked love, passion, and …

I’m Ready To Do This

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I’m ready to do this. This morning at 4:30 am I already dove in headfirst. No turning back now. Time to swim in the deep end. There’s a different feel to this day. It feels like there’s energy behind it. It really does that feeling of “I’m ready to do this.” Without a doubt I know I am onto something. I am going to keep swimming around and dive down and explore the depths. The realization that it wasn’t fear that was rocking me these past couple of weeks, but rather coming up against all of the positive habits that I have built for myself over the past 4 months and trying to change them, was a pretty big “aha …

The Beginning Of Rebirth

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  We begin again. Rebirth. Live and die this day. I’ve been having a difficult time this week with staying focused towards my commitments. For one reason or another, I was losing my edge and was all around just incredibly tired. Today, I started to pick up on a few reasons why things were heading in the opposite direction and realize that I am going to have to actually dive into some commitments I have always wanted to get started on. These past few months have been amazing – I launched a book, I’ve met some incredibly special people, I’ve started school, I’ve taken up a significant amount of responsibility at my job, and I accomplished a fitness goal I’ve …

Extrinsic Motivation | The Death Of Your Dreams

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  Extrinsic motivation. You probably know it is being motivated from outside sources – money, attention, rewards, medals, women, men, fame. Yeah…all those things. Turn on the radio and you are going to hear song after song about stacks on stacks or clubbing…really just listen and your imagination will run wild. Try hard enough and you can convince yourself that without these things your life is actually pretty lame. Try even harder and you can imagine yourself as a person who has all these things and somehow “happiness” finds its way into that vision. But this story we are fed – the story that extrinsic motivation…the life of gaining fame, fortune, sex, and drugs will grant us all of our needs …

Knocking At The Door To Success

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Sometimes you have to keep knocking at the door to success. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock until someone shows up. If you try a couple of times and then leave only after a few seconds, you will never truly see if someone is home or not. So keep knocking on the door to success. Keep trying. Be persistent. You may never know what will open up to you. I think we give up too often because we aren’t being patient enough. We want things to happen for ourselves right now. We want all of the things we think we need right now. But maybe that’s not the plan for us. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be – when the timing …

The Wolves Are Crying

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I’ve truly had my socks knocked off by the incredible feedback I’ve received from my book “Two Wolves” ( Here are some of the clips. “I could actually feel so many of the emotions in the book. It gave me the encouragement I need to finish the race!” “The struggle between the dark and light is something every person has to deal with. Thank you for taking the time to write something that I believe will change my perspective of my life.” “Good job Evan… Great read… and totally enjoyed… KEEP GOING!” “This book came out at the right time for me. One of the darkest times of life . Thank you for such an inspiring book.” Want it for …

Episode 1 | Keep It #100 Launches

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  Here we go! The Keeping It #100 podcast has officially launched. Tune into the first episode…there are 40 recorded and ready to go and many more to come. Keep it real. Keep it #100 Join the movement of men and women looking to inspire and change the world – And remember…keep it #100 – Evan Sanders

There’s Only Uncertainty

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  There’s really no such thing as certainty. It’s all uncertain. Truth be told, uncertainty is absolutely beautiful. When you live in a world full of uncertainty, you give yourself the opportunity to live in full possibility. Those two come hand in hand. When you begin to try to separate yourself from uncertainty by restricting what your future is going to look like, that’s when you can start to get into a little bit of trouble. As exciting as that is to do, you become out of touch with reality and distance yourself from people who are right here right now. That’s my story. Living in the future and neglecting the present. Not that it was a bad thing, but …