The Words Of Encouragement


Ever have that feeling when you just know the path you are heading down is going to change your life? That’s the way I am feeling right now. In fact, that’s the way I felt when I started writing four years ago for The Better Man Project. Somehow I just knew that the decision to start writing, even though I was horrible at it at the time, was going to allow me to discover things about myself that I never thought possible. A thousand posts later I sit in front of you a changed man and I am sure in another thousand I will continue to deepen, evolve, and morph along the way. But this is something different entirely.

Today is about launching an expression of purpose. To give you a little bit of context, let me take you back to how this all came about.

About two months ago, I was sitting in meditation in the midst of some serious turmoil in my life and wasn’t feeling particularly grounded at all. In fact, ever since I had come out of Integral Life Coaching school in San Francisco I felt a bit fluid – a feeling I knew would change but was difficult to deal with nonetheless. But, for the first time, I really decided to sit with everything that was going on and not run from it. So there I was, in the midst of meditation – struggling, hurting, dealing with all sorts of different things – and then everything became pretty empty. Then, right before my alarm went off, I felt the most interesting feeling I have ever experienced. It was like a bubble coming up from the bottom of the ocean. The alarm went off, I opened my eyes, and I felt that bubble pop on the surface.

What came out of all of this?

I had realized, for the first time in years, that my purpose in life wasn’t to be motivating or inspiring to others. purpose was to be something similar in concept but very different in implementation and scale.  My purpose was to be – as the first words came out of my mouth – encouraging.

That sent me down a rabbit hole for months. I dove into my practices with commitment, my body continued to change, I dove into books and started to learn amazing things, I opened myself up to the world and closed the gap between me and others…and in truth…my world began to change drastically. What happened next absolutely blew my mind – everything started snapping together. When I mean everything, I really mean everything. Despite really rough times, I had four years of digital marketing, internet marketing, social media, life coaching, writing, product launch process, entrepreneurship and a few other processes that I had been conceptually working on for years all come together. Frantically, I started drawing this new site structure and supporting process on my wall-sized chalkboard in my room and when I was done my hands were shaking.

My purpose, the reason why I am here,  gently came to me despite the crashing waves of my mind and the dream I had for The Better Man Project turned into a reachable reality with The Words Of Encouragement.

I dove in headfirst, and now about 60 days later, I am launching something that is going to be a brand new adventure, backed by years of trial and error, faith, failure, learning, and unbreakable persistence. There are about 10 posts on the site right now, but sitting waiting are another 60, and I am committed to building this website at least 365 pages deep as the first milestone to be achieved.

As time goes on, the content on this site is going to become more diverse and unique. Right now, there are posts specifically celebrating amazing quotes and quote-photography (things that I absolutely love). But as time goes on, I will be adding in different types of content. There will be context posts for single quotes, photo galleries, blogs about life, and many more things to come. But there’s one thing that will remain true about everything that is posted on this website –  it will all be encouraging.

Encouragement matters. It really does. And I’m going to bring that heat to the table every single day.

With that all being said, take a peak at the brand new site The Words Of Encouragement

– Evan Sanders

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