Bite Sized Goal Setting Theory

I want to talk to you about an aspect of goal-setting today that often gets overlooked and is really really really effective in helping you achieve your goals.

So everyone talks about SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-oriented goals – but I have another little kind of goal-setting secret I think really is going to help you and it’s going to allow you to take your goal-setting to the next level.

I want you to begin viewing these goals as almost like a warlike scenario. I have a campaign at the end and in order to achieve the campaign I have to have milestones along the way and I have to take recognition of all of the things that I have in this moment…what I’m capable of putting forward in terms of effort…and then you have to be able to go day by day by day by day by day by day in breaking down your goals.

If you can take your end goal and bring it all the way down to day by day actions you’re going to massively increase your chances of becoming successful.

Crank it all the way down to what you have to do – day-by-day daily task lists – and by the end of 30 days or 60 days or 90 days you’re going to be on point because you took the time to take this goal at point Z and bring it all the way back to point A.

That’s gonna pay off huge. The other reason why it pays off huge is mentally. Mentally you can have a goal of needing to lose…let’s say 30 pounds and if you’re going to lose one to two pounds a week… you know that’s 15 weeks total.

Now, the tactical side of goal-setting is answering the question, “What do I need to do every single day to ensure that I am going to be able to lose that amount of weight by 15 weeks?

Knowing that it’s one to two pounds and maybe I shed a little bit more or a little bit less here and there right there’s some margin for error, there’s some leeway, how can I make sure that this is a 100% success?”

Breaking things down into bite sized chunks allows you to make the task a whole lot less daunting.

You know exactly what it’s going to take and what things you have to do on the daily to make your end goal a success.

This will also make sure that you don’t get distracted on your path by other things that you may or may not think you have to do.

If you have a big goal, break it down into tasks. Put it down into manageable pieces and you will see your success rate go way up!

Evan Sanders, The Better Man Project

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