Everyone is looking for ways to heal their pain or to solve their problems and most of the time the way that they actually do that is by avoiding it.

“Right! Well maybe if I just avoid it it’ll go away?!”

The problem is, it never goes away. Even if you think it has gone away, it’s probably manifested somewhere in your spirit or in your emotions or your thinking or in your body. You never get rid of it until you begin to face it…until you turn into it and you understand…

What has caused this… what has allowed this suffering is pain to arise…and then when you come to that “ah-hah” moment – that insight of “Wow okay this is how it has come about” – then you can begin to heal.

Then you begin to nourish. Then you begin to transform. Then you begin to take that thing that was so solid and that was so painful in your life and you begin to dissolve the layers of it…and eventually if you bring enough love and you bring enough understanding to that thing that was so painful…it begins to disappear

But you have to face it.

When you’re constantly avoiding these things or you’re grasping onto the past and you refuse to let go or you’re telling yourself delusionally…

“Oh it was this and it really was something else” you’re going to allow for that suffering that pain to perpetuate… to keep on going and going and going and going and to bring forth more pain and more suffering.

But when you face it truly with the eye of wisdom and insight you will be able to change it and shift it and morph it and work with it.

It takes practice and you have to arrive to that suffering with a sense of love and compassion versus hating it and avoiding it.

If you judge it, it will get worse.

But if you begin to love it… you begin to turn into that suffering… it will change and shift. So give it a shot.

Evan Sanders, The Better Man Project

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