Developing Mindfulness And Why It Matters

This practice of mindfulness and the idea of mindfulness which often gets very convoluted at times is really about being where you are, doing what you are doing… when you are doing it.

Being with the person when you are with them and not being anywhere else. Maybe that’s even being with yourself in that present moment right? The beauty of mindfulness is that connects us truly with the thing that’s going on right now. When you’re in the past or in the future you’re not giving your attention, your energy, your concentration to what is happening right now so you truly never connect.

It’s like those tourists that you see at these wonderful monuments and they’re just out with their cameras and they’re just clicking for photos and they’re not connecting…they’re just trying to get the photo. They’re not actually trying to connect with the place, to be with the place, to be part of that experience, to feel it go through their bones, to feel that energy and the good energy or the bad energy…they’re not actually being mindful.

So this idea of mindfulness…and a really quick way to describe it is be where you are and to be doing what you’re doing whether that’s washing the dishes or folding your clothes or studying something or being with the person that you’re in a relationship with.

That’s true mindfulness. And, from that mindfulness…from that connection gives birth to energy and joy and love and all of those wonderful things when we truly connect with what’s in front of us.

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