Finding Your Passion And Creating Your Future

So from time to time I have people ask me about how to find your passion, and how did I find my passion and what is passion? Unfortunately most don’t even know what they are passionate about!

I think it’s a great question to ask. I think it’s a wonderful question to ask…and one to deeply consider. There’s a lot of happiness that lives in that place. A lot of people in this world are doing things that they just hate doing and when you ask them what they do for fun they don’t even know how to respond.

So I want to talk about passion today. Passion is this wonderful seed that resonates deep within your soul and it’s connected to who you are. When you start to even ask the question of “What do I really like doing? What am i passionate about? What makes me happy?” it puts you on a path towards really discovering what that seed is in the first place.

Finding that seed and understanding what that is and connecting with that is the first step. So it’s going to take some time.You’re going to have to inquire into it. You’re going to have to figure out what it is that really makes you happy and what you connect with and ask the question long enough – not from an anxious place of where you HAVE to do this or blah blah blah – but just from a place of like… “Okay I’m just want to ask this question, “What is my passion? What am I happy to do ? What comes really easy for me? What do I enjoy?” That is the first step.

Then, once you find that sense of passion and enjoyment you have to invest the time…you have to invest the energy…you have to invest work. Just because you have a passion doesn’t mean it won’t ever feel like work. Trust me, there will be times when you really feel like things that you’re doing are work. However, when you start to nourish that seed it begins to grow and when that seed begins to grow your heart becomes encouraged.

You have this sense of like “Oh god it’s clicking!” It’s like two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly into each other. You know that this is what you were really meant to do.

The thing about everyone who has ever done anything amazing in this world and really changed it and really lived their passion out – the architects or painters or a fighter pilots or whatever it may be – they had to invest a ton of time and effort into it and they had to nourish that seed. They had to protect that dream and all sorts of things came along the way to try to prevent them… to try to stop them… but they just kept going because they believed. They believed that this seed was really meant for something more… it was meant to be a big tree

But it took time for them to grow. It took time for them to become what they actually were meant to become.

So asking the question, “What do I really love?” is the first step and once you figure out that question… once you actually come to something…then you’re going to have to take a significant amount of time to really get good at it.

But it will a lot less feel like work to you…and the other part is you won’t hate it. You’re doing exactly what you need to be doing. You’re doing what you love. You’re following your destiny. There’s no greater journey to take.

Evan Sanders, The Better Man Project

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