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So you want to work with me?! That’s great! I am incredibly excited to hear what’s going on for you, see if there’s a possibility of us working together, and to really get you headed in the direction you want to go.

Let me tell you a little bit about what my coaching is all about.

If we had to get down to the foundation of my work with you, my job as your coach is to help you move through your blindspots (places where you need development that you might not actually see), the issues that currently have you feeling “stuck” and to help you develop the type of life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

That’s at it’s minimum.

So how do we do that together?

Well, we work together in a few different areas. We look at what’s going on with your thoughts and emotions, your body and behavior, your relationships, and your environment and spirituality.

In diving into those different areas of life, it becomes pretty clear about where you are at, who you are as a human being as a whole and how to get to where you want to go. We all have areas we need to improve upon, and the best part about having a coach (I have coaches of my own) is that you have a trained set of eyes that actually knows what will help you grow as a person, and not just someone giving you advice because that’s what they heard somewhere.

Here are some of the different ways we can work with each other.

1. Email Coaching Program

Honestly, this is one of my favorite programs of all. The moment you sign up for the email coaching program I send you an in depth questionnaire designed to cover all of the things we talked about above, and after you get those answers back to me we start our coaching relationship. You have access to working with me 7 days a week and I always get back to you within 24 hours.

In this program, I give you practices, self reflection exercises, self observation exercises and resources that you will need to continue your development. A lot of people are on the go and/or it matches best with their finances in the best possible way. Currently I only have a few spots left in this program so if you’re interested in signing up, the link will follow!


This program is just $49/month

2. Email Coaching Program + 1 on 1 Phone/Skype Calls

Take everything you just heard about the email coaching program and throw in 1 or 2 phone / Skype calls every single week and you’re getting very very close to working with me in a full developed coaching program (to follow in the next section). These 1 on 1 sessions bring an extra depth to the development conversation. I encourage everyone I work with to at least jump on the phone with me, if they can, once a month because of the value it brings to the conversation and we can typically get about 10x more in a single session than emailing back and forth.

If you want to mix in one or two a month then great! That would be my ideal middle ground for those who are really interested in moving forward quickly.


As a special deal, I have cut down the rates on 1 on 1 phone/skype calls for those who are in the email coaching program. Normally 1 on 1 sessions go for $150 an hour but they are discounted to $100. Please inquire about this deal!

$49/month + $100 sessions

3. Fully Customized Coaching Programs

This is where all of the action happens. When you work with me in a fully customized coaching program, I develop a tailor-made program for you after our intake session and bring everything I have for you to the table. Not only do you get a 7-10 page document (the program itself in full detail) but we continue working with each other weekly and move into and through the issues that are really challenging your life.

The development program itself looks like the following…

  • Weekly Skype / Phone coaching sessions over 3 to 6 months depending on the program
  • Tailor-made / personalized development plan
  • Specific goals and outcomes for your development
  • An in depth look at your current view of the world
  • An offer of a new view that will change your perspective and outlook on the world
  • Specific practices that will help you cultivate your outcomes
  • Self reflection, awareness, and observation exercises to keep you on plan and developing
  • Resources (books, audio, speeches etc)
  • Support – 7 days a week support  via email with anything that comes up in between our sessions


As a baseline in one of these programs, I don’t like to meet less than 2 times a month because the pacing of the program seems to slow way down.

If you are interested in pricing on these programs, please contact me directly in this email and we can even jump on a free phone call together to discuss what’s going on and further details.

So that’s all about my coaching programs and I would love to hear back from you in an email with what you’re looking to get into! For those who are interested in the email coaching program, click the link and sign up (there’s an informational video attached to it as well) and for everyone else who is interested in possible doing 1 on 1 sessions or even a full program with me, hit reply and send me your questions and thoughts!

All the best to you and looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Don’t hesitate to ask!

You can reach me personally at the contact form below!

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