12 Quotes Of Encouragement For Trying Times In Life

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12 Quotes Of Encouragement For Trying Times In Life

There are always going to be trying times in life. Times when you are put to the test and when you really need to come through.

Dive into these 12 quotes of encouragement to keep you going no matter how hard things get. I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

Quotes Of Encouragement in the end

You stand there, vulnerable, naked, with your mask in your hand saying…”Here I am. Flaws and all. Love me for it.”

Your flaws are a beautiful thing. They make you human. They make you special. If we could all learn to love ourselves for our imperfections, we would be a lot happier in life.

When it really comes down to it, we are shaping ourselves each and every day. If we have an end vision, we can create that through daily actions and positive intent. That’s what magic is made of.


Quotes Of Encouragement even if it makes your heart

Do it. Your future self will thank you later.

Dive into what scares you. Dive into what makes you tremble with fear. Courage is action in the presence of fear. Those moments of not being able to move don’t have to be your final moments.

You can move forward. You can continue on. You can be brave.

you are loved you are enough

You are all of these things and more 🙂

You are so many things. We live in a strange and nasty world at times and it can be hard to see the truth.  You are all of those things and many many more. Don’t forget that you are the light.

be proud of who you are Quotes Of Encouragement

Keep being you. Lead with your heart. Have good intentions. Clean up your inevitable mistakes. Love your heart out. Never hold back.

Eventually, you need to learn to let go of others perception of you – you can’t control it anyways. You have to hold on very loosely to what people say – positive and negative. Because if you build yourself upon peoples compliments you will certainly fall a slave to their criticisms.

there's no such thing as love lost


I was talking to someone about heartbreak today. They had been torn apart because of a broken relationship. And they asked me, “How do you do it? I’ve seen you crash and burn more times than you probably care to admit. Why do you still believe in love? How can you?” I took a second and said… “Because every single time I ever loved my heart out, no matter what the outcome was, it always made me a better person.”

Unconditional love. The hardest way to love. Why? Because it’s fearless. You have to put aside all of your wanting things to work out and just be in the moment giving everything you can. We should all strive for that…because if you can learn how to love, you will never find yourself without it. That’s my 2 cents

i want all of you Quotes Of Encouragement

Every last drop. Leave nothing unsaid. Tell me everything. Tell me everything that you’ve ever dreamed of and everything you are afraid of. I want to hear it all and soak it all in. There’s no judgement, just honesty and truth.


in my last moments i want to look back

No regrets.

Live without any regrets. You have to live in such a way that allows you to be proud of who you are and what you’re up to in this life. You can regret many things if you never take a chance. So take a risk. Take a shot at going for that dream no matter what it takes. If you stick with it over time you will become something incredible.

what's meant to be will be

Leave it up to the stars. They know far better.

We get ourselves into a huge amount of trouble when we try to concoct life. You have to leave it up to the stars and what they have planned for you. Some things are completely out of your control. However, who you are today and what you decide to do with your life is completely in your control.

So go!

Quotes Of Encouragement they hurt you so you made it worse

Whenever it happens, whatever it may be, there’s a deep desire to stop putting your heart on the line. You want to protect it. You want to build walls around it. But you can’t do that around such a wild thing. It wants to play even if it gets hurt.

That’s just its nature. But don’t live in your head because you think you’re safer there. You’re not. Because life isn’t logical…there are many things the heart understands but the mind could never compute. So drop down. Live from your heart and let your head support you, not defeat you.




even the darkest of moments

She was unstoppable. The world could not take her love away. She only spoke of happiness no matter how many things hurt her.

She was a conquerer for love.

She was fearless.


you're a work of art not everyone

without the challenges you would never grow


A year from now, you can wonder to yourself “what if” I had actually gone for it. Or, you can start now, dive in, and never ever have to live amongst the cold souls who never really gave it their all.

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