The Light Within & How To Trust Again

It’s complicated…when you’re learning how to trust again.

Some days, you wake up…and everything feels different.

It feels like it changed overnight.

Then moment after moment throughout the day the changes continue to come. They arrive in unison ready to continue the current you’re floating on.

The times where I have felt most conflicted were the times when I wasn’t stepping forward allowing for the light to guide me.

The light we all have within.

The one that knows which way to travel if only we had enough courage to travel it. For months I spent a lot of time pondering which way to head. I would walk in the evenings asking myself the question “What’s next?” over and over again only to have small indistinguishable whispers or bouts of complete silence hit me.

how to trust again

Truth is, I’m starting to think that was the point.

I don’t think there was something next.

I think I needed to be with all of it…in order to make it to this place.

We all have a light within us that will guide us through the darkest of times. That light is always there we just forget to search for it. We forget, especially when we are challenged, to look deep within and see what is already inside of us.

Maybe is the way we live today – always trying to add things on for attention – that causes us to forget how resourced we already are.

We are blooming with gifts…

But have spent so much time either telling ourselves or having others hurt us so badly that we think we aren’t really made of anything special at all.

But that’s not the case.

And it’s so far from the truth.

We each have an endless amount of possibility in front of us…which truly can be scary as all hell sometimes.

Sometimes I find myself dreaming so big that I actually have no idea where to even start. How do I create that? How can I possibly even go about doing that?

The dreams are there…but the plan of attack at times was incredibly hard to see.

There’s a world inside of your mind that can be incredibly confusing at times. Sometimes, it’s good to just get things down on paper and not have to worry about figuring it all out in your head. Sometimes, it’s good to see the words written in front of you so you can just empty what has been roughhousing your mind for so long.

That light…it’s called trust.

Trust in yourself, who you are, and what is guiding you. Trust comes in many different shapes and sizes…

But it’s the thing that allows you to continue moving forward no matter what the situation may be.

And I’m overflowing with it right now.

-Evan Sanders

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