Don’t Be Afraid To Start Again

don't be afraid start again

Don’t be afraid to start again. If the time is right to set it all ablaze and watch it all burn, don’t be afraid to light the match and toss it in. Relish the opportunity to see the flames high in the sky. This isn’t your end. This is your rebirth. 🔥

give things a chance to flower and you will see everything bloom

🌺🌸🌼 There aren’t enough times to say this, so I want to say it now. Thank you everyone for giving me the place to put my heart on stage. Your support means the world to me. I love you. #goodmorning.

an entire world can turn to ash

“When you fall in love with your darker tones, young man, you will paint the most beautiful paintings anyone has ever seen. You will truly be The War Painter.”

life's crazy baby


Just how I like it ⚡️

for now we are an unfinished story

… Under those incandescent lights, silent eyes, a still mind, an open heart…breathing…mixing of colors and the fire running down my throat. The pen awaits.

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