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stories with morals

Really, when it comes down to it, all of my writing is a collection of stories with morals.

Sometimes the stories are about memories – sometimes they are about the future and my dreams, but all in all….it’s a big collection of heartfelt stories about life, love, passion, and dreams. So let me tell you one.

Once upon a time there was this little seed. This seed was the hardest seek to crack. It’s shell was firm, it protected itself from the weather and could withstand and attack from the outside. This seed was solid. Firm. Impenetrable. Like a fortress in of itself. Nothing came in. Nothing came out.

The seed was carried from place to place but never really found a home. It was always sheltered from the outside world, and no matter how much the crow or the farmer tried to open it up, it remained as solid as a rock. While the other seeds revered its strength, the little seed knew that despite all of its might, it felt empty inside. The seed felt deep down that it had something to offer. So the little seed resolved that the next time the farmer came along, it would allow itself to find its home.

One day the farmer came along and picked the seed up with all the other seeds in the area and planted it gently into the ground. At first, the seed was scared being covered up by a few inches of dirt, but then as time went on became really comfortable in the dark. The seed began to relax into the ground, and day after day could feel little trickles of water come down to it. The little seed allowed the water to run down it’s shell and started to enjoy itself even more.

stories with morals

One day, many years later, the seed felt something strange. It felt this deep bubble from inside and all of the sudden, “CRACK!” The seed felt like it exploded! Over the next few days the roots started to come out and dig their way down into the ground. Then, a little green leaf made its way, slowly but surely up towards the top of the ground.

The seed could feel itself growing, unfolding, and expanding. Every day…a little bit faster…a little bit more, until finally that leaf hit the sunlight. At firs the seed was blinded by the light, but then it relaxed, just as it did into the darkness and began to enjoy the surroundings. The seed saw some of the other seeds and waved its little leaf at them. The farmer came along and smiled and gave the seed some more water.

Day after day, the farmer came along to feed the seed just a little bit more and watched it grow. The once little seed was growing so fast. What the little seed didn’t know is that it wasn’t just any type of seed, it was a special kind of seed…one that was the biggest pain in the ass to crack, but when it did, after very persistent and gentle care of the farmer for 5 whole years, it would become one of the fastest growing plants in the world.

That little seed, was the famous Chinese Bamboo seed, which is one of the toughest seeds to grow. It resists growth like the plague and takes year after year of constant care to crack wide open. But when it does, that little ole’ seed will grow 90 feet in 60 days.

So as the seed could feel itself shooting up into the sky, it looked back down at the ground and felt its roots growing deeper and deeper. It constantly thought back to the times of being down in the dirt and what it was like to be covered in the dark. So the little seed encouraged the other seeds to be patient, and to open up to the farmers care.

Finally, the little seed asked itself…”Did it take 60 days for me to grow 90ft? Or did it take 5 years and 60 days.” The farmer overheard him and shook his head and smiled.

They both knew.

– Evan Sanders


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  • Ryan
    April 17, 2015 at 8:52 pm

    We should be like the seed. Patiently grow and open up for the love and caring from others. Thank you for such a lovely reminder.