When The Black Dog Arrives


The Black Dog Arrives

Oh when the black dog arrives

and that deep seething anxiety

begins to spoil everything

down in the gut

running your mind a million miles a second

and you can’t slow down

because you get that feeling

that everything is just


Throwing you horribly off center

Pulling you outside of yourself

Instilling the depths of fear

into your mind

fear of the possibility

of things falling to pieces

You begin to see things that you have no business seeing

You begin to hear that growl

the voice of regret



You feel shame because of it

That black dog nipping at your fingertips

Aching you to continue walking in anxiety

The quicker you walk

The grander its smile

Following you

stalking you

breath hitting the back of your legs

teeth glistening


It never has to strike to control you

It only has to walk right behind you

And little did I know

That all I had to do

was put my hand behind me

to try to pet it

for then it would suddenly




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