The One Thing You Can Make It Through 100% Of The Time


100% of the the time I have made it through bad days. 100%.

Ah the essence of the bad day. You know, that day where everything seems to just constantly go wrong. One thing after the next after the next and it becomes a never ending crapstorm of ill-fated events.

I have my days, but I try my best to keep them from turning into days. There’s two ways I keep my bad moments from turning into bad days.

1. Bad moments are just moments – I found out a long time ago and with the help of a coach that the moment itself is bad, that doesn’t mean your entire life is bad. If you can realize that the moment is what is challenging you then you can make a decision about what you want to do next. Yes, there will be some horrible things that happen to us…but everything after that and the way you see it is up to you. Your interpretation of what something means is created by you – you can change that. Your decisions coming from that interpretation will arise because you see a certain situation a specific way. I know it can be hard at times, but always keep in the back of your mind that if you change the way you view something, your actions will change and therefore your results will as well.

2. Slow the game down – Baseball taught me many many lessons, but this one is on a whole different level than the others. The importance of slowing the game down when it is snowballing on you is probably the most important thing you can do as a pitcher. When you start throwing balls and walking people and then there are a few hits, well, things can get mentally taxing. Literally your mind starts racing and you play outside of yourself until you get back on track again. The best pitchers know when to walk off the mound, find a spot out in the outfield or stands and recenter themselves. Breathe…breathe…breathe…[insert positive mental talk and strategy here] breathe…ok let’s go get em’.


You can do that with life. Life plays an even more complex game than baseball. You have to be able to step off the mound once in a while and get back to your center. If you can do that in life, you have a far less chance of having those moments when you lose yourself. I’ve had a couple of those this past month where I have let a situation speed up on me and forgot that the entire game starts with my movements into the windup. Everything in my entire world starts functioning off of my first move. That’s not out of selfishness, but rather a realization that everything stops or everything goes in my life specifically when I make a decision.

That’s how much power we have over our realities. Yes, if you shut it all down right now there may be some negative consequences – but you could do it. If you decided to act with overwhelming courage and not let fear get in your way…just think of the amazing things you could accomplish.

100% of the time you have made it through those awful moments.

100% is a pretty hard % to beat. I am sure there are moments that felt like you would never make it out alive – but you did. I am sure there are times where you failed to see any light in the room – but eventually that flicker showed up. Be careful of how you use your language during the times I’m which you feel like you are down. Your language and how you describe something can actually make it more real, and therefore inexplicably harder to escape from. Why do you think a lot of famous writers were blackout alcoholics? Words make things more real.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I’m sure you’ve read that somewhere before. Well, isn’t at least part of our comfort zone the land of the negative? You see life works in incredibly balanced ways and give you a dose of the positive and the negative quite often. Understand that your comfort zone will be tested and those situations where you feel out of whack – well you can grow from those.

Be in constant learning about yourself.

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– Evan Sanders

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