Blood On The Leaves


How do you stop the bleeding

When your soul was already punctured?

The terror of loss

Like a wound straight to the heart

Tears drip down

Just as fast as the blood from your fingers


Soul slipping

Trying to find the time to breath

Only to be suffocated by more

Then you reach a point

Where you start losing yourself


In pain

Trying to find a way back to center

With a broken compass

& right when you are about there

More wounds

More tears

More blood on the leaves

& you skip off course

As the tread gives way to the road

For a second you park

Pull over on the road of life

& shut everything out

To breathe





What once was lost

Can always be found

No matter how empty you feel

Words wound as much as knives

& they never are shallow scars

They are deep

Deep within our hearts and minds

To be forgiven

But much harder to be forgotten

You wonder how things could turn to this

How great things could turn

You into a pushpin for anger

& yet you know better than anyone

That there are some things you aren’t supposed to know

You’re just supposed to experience them

You look down and see that puddle of red

A little bit of you lost in this day

Deep within the woods

With that broken compass

& despite your past telling you to scream to the sky

To tear everything down

Writhe in pain

Rip everything apart

You breathe

& smile

You’ve stood in your flames before

Never laying down to turn to ash

So you light a match

Over that puddle of blood

& send that black smoke into the sky

– Evan Sanders

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