2015 Bucket List


2015 Bucket List

Another year, another bucket list! It’s been one hell of a year (2014 that is). I learned a lot about myself and others, there were amazing ups and incredible downs. But 2014 was a year about trying new things and learning from them. Many of my efforts came up empty in terms of the results I wanted, but I got results in experience – and I think that is incredibly important. My bucket list has developed significantly since last year because the direction of my life and where I am heading has morphed significantly. There are bigger fish to fry on the horizon and I am going to split this list up a little bit different than I did last year.

Last year was about trying to do specific things, but the problem with that was that there were no major goals vs. minor goals. Everything was given similar weight and that actually diluted my focus from the things that really mattered to me.

So 2015 has some major changes in the bucket list. There will be highlighted items and items underneath those that serve as stepping stones.

I’ve learned a lot about goals and accomplishing them (I’m currently going through one of the biggest goals I have ever had that transferred over into 2015 from 2014. You have to have a big end goal, milestones, and daily activities that will help you achieve that end goal. In truth, we are a compilation of our daily activities…and what you do…becomes you.

So if 2015 is the year to make some changes, consider using this type of form I am creating here. Make your plans strategic…like a general on the field of life.

Be tactical.

2015 Bucket List

Life Coaching School (NVW)

YouTube Channel explaining all the things I’m learning

SoundCloud channel with audio recordings from YouTube Video

Graduate from life coaching school

Work with 10 clients 

The Better Man Project

Launch clothing line 

Have 150 YouTube videos done about motivation / life / inspiration 

Launch “Two Wolves” on 4 year anniversary, February 9th, of The Better Man Project

Mini documentary

Start working on speeches

Start speaking career 

Begin weekly newsletter

Work on publishing “The Better Man Project II”

Publish Limited Edition

Reach 1,000,000 views on the blog in one year

Hit 50k on Instagram

Publish collection of poetry

Publish the audiobook for “The Better Man Project”

Hit 40k on Facebook

Hit 30k on Twitter

Land some advertisers for website

Land cover

Start “Adventures” segment with photography

Blog 365 of 365

Online shop

Online training and courses

Bi-weekly online hangouts about a specific subject

Affiliate marketing for best products

Make 5 solid connections in the industry


Health & Fitness

Become ACSM certified personal trainer

Enter into cancer patient training for health and fitness

Hit my goal of 4% body fat by February 5th 


Workout with Greg Plitt

Write for Flex magazine

Attend Mr. Olympia 2015

Meet Kai Green

Meet Phil Heath

Start my own personal training business

Work with 5 clients

Have professional photos done

Life | General

Write for The Huffington Post

Fish Camp 9 @ Calaveras Big Trees

Go camping at least 5 times

Travel to India or China

Move into new place in February

Nissan GTR

Visit Boise

Visit Yosemite

Huhammad Ali signed photo

Read 30 books

Review Bucket List and goals every day

New snow boots



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