Those Little Reflections

It’s been a while since I sat down and thought about time passing as much as I did last night. I had a little reflection…seemingly appropriate for the end of 2014 and a lot of good came from it. All of the lessons I have learned over this past year not only taught me something, but helped me grow into a man with a plan starting in 2015. That plan was created through significant turmoil, stress, anxiety, happiness, love, and every other emotion in the book. One day, and it happened just like this, things just clicked all into place and there it was – the plan that seemed like it fell into my lap (which it didn’t do that – not even close). But the feeling of having it all just click and happen struck me, and that’s not something you just overlook.

2014 was another significant year of learning. But it was more of a year of learning through trial and error than 2013. I remember 2013 as a year of lessons…but things that were just taught to me. This past year I gained experience in putting myself out there – and yes I failed a ton. But from failure I learned how to continuously move forward and it actually changed the course of my life. It gave me an idea of what my true calling was and with the lessons I learned from this project, I was able to answer that call starting with the birth of 2015.

Today is going to be short because I’m still nursing myself after being sick for this past week – but there’s a major lesson in that small reflection from last night. Keep going. No matter what – keep going. If you give up you will never be able to see the end of something or see what it could have possibly been. That’s the biggest lesson I have learned from all of this. Never ever give up.

It can take you so far.

– Evan Sanders

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