The Fog Of War | 100 Day Challenge



I’ve been off the grid for the past few days because I have been going through some significant diet changes for the last week of preparation before the end of my 100 day challenge, and good lord are they challenging. I have never been pushed this hard mentally or physically. Between the water changes, carb depletion, glycogen depletion workouts, and dropping sodium levels my body and mind has struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But today was more or less the worst day, and with two days left and carbs coming back into my life like a freight train, I can’t wait to see what the final result will be on Saturday.

I remember when I started this 100 day challenge how hard it was to even believe that I could make it to the point where I am right now. I knew that the work I had to do was monumental and the challenges would stand guard in front of me until I broke them with sheer willpower…but I still wasn’t sure if this was going to be another one of my “attempts” at it or if I really was going to go all the way. I knew that this was my last try however…and that it was all or nothing. I was right on the verge of giving up on this dream, but I stuck it out and I am sure glad I did.

They say that success has been defined and will always be defined as standing up one more time than you have been knocked down.

I think that is a great definition. I also believe that your determination is a direct reflection of how much you believe in what you are doing. I have never been more determined to accomplish something in my entire life. In fact, I calculated almost exactly what my efforts over this goal have been.

90,000 different types of crunches

200+ hours of working out and cardio

14 weeks of hard work

30 lbs. lost

1 dream on the verge of completion

I want to see how far I can take my fitness in terms of building a community and supporting the dreams of others. In fact, the other day I officially decided to join the ICF International Coach Foundation to become a professional life coach and receive other accreditations as well. I believe that it will not only benefit others, but it will benefit me and my project and launch me into my final dream of becoming a internationally recognized speaker and coach. That dream has been floating around in my mind for the past 6 months, but I knew that I first had to connect my mind, my body, and my soul. My mind and my body were lacking in the food/fitness department – and I seem to be going on the right track with that with this past 100 days.

100 days has taught me a lot about the importance of consistency and persistence. With anything, if you hammer away at it long enough you are going to reach where you want to go. I used to hear that a lot, but I had nothing to truly back up that belief. Now, I have results. I can always look at what I went through this past 100 days and remember what I created. And I think that is the perfect word for it: create. I struggled for years on end to make this a reality and now I have finally conquered the beast inside of me that laid control of my habits all these years.

I will never turn back.

This life is a series of mountains and putting on your climbing shoes…and getting after that puppy. You will be challenged over and over again, and believe me, you will fall right on your ass. But like I always say, its about how fast you get up and how hard you charge forward right after you have been knocked down that matters. That is the point of all of it. To relentlessly pursue your dreams even though you are failing.

I will forever have this challenge in the back of my mind when I am in a battle for my dreams…and I will forever know that with enough sweat and determination, I can accomplish anything.

– Evan Sanders

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