Beats by Dre | The Game Before The Game

Today is another important day in our lives.


Run like it is the last day of your life. 

Run like…

You’re a crazy man chasing happiness.

Run for your family and your friends.

Today be happy.


But there is one more thing…

It’s important you don’t hold back.

Put God’s army in front of you

wear God’s armor

from the helmet to the sandals

Go with God

God bless you. 

I love you

– The Game Before The Game, Beats By Dre

About 6 weeks into my journey I hit a low day. I mean, really low. I came across that feeling of wanting to quit, of wrapping it all up and letting it all go. Combine that with a fail at getting a second date and I felt pretty bad about myself and what I was doing.

Then, I saw this video.

Everything changed.

the game before the game rocky

I charged ahead and didn’t look back. It’s safe to say that I had reached a crossroads where I could have gone south very fast if I didn’t have something to pick me up. The Game Before The Game commercial by Beats by Dre took me out of that moment, and cast me into a moment of creating your own greatness.

For that, I am eternally grateful. Because honestly, I haven’t had a poor effort workout in 13 weeks now. That day though, could have been not only a bad workout, but me giving up on something I had made a “final stand” to complete.

This leads me into what I want to talk about briefly tonight.

You need to have a backup source of inspiration when your inspiration runs out. You have to have speeches, books, videos, pictures, anything that you can find. Why? Because somedays you aren’t going to have enough in you. You are going to have nothing left on the surface, and these helpers are going to do something for you deep inside that allows you to smash that surface level feeling and take charge once again.

What inspires you?

– Evan Sanders

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