My Time Will Come


In time, I will join the party

But I am still getting dressed

I’ve past the stage of not knowing what I want to wear

Oh lord did I pick out something nice

But it’s going to take time to put on

It’s going to take help

But when they open the door for me in the car

And I take that first step out

I will have arrived

It is not my time now

Oh, but that time will come

It is not that time now

But, in time, I will arrive

I can see the end even at the beginning

I have the reasons in my mind for even starting

Yet even during this journey I know there will be a series of course corrections

Minor alterations

To make sure this suit fits perfectly

Oh, it is not my time now

But that time will come.

And when it comes

A voice will come out that has never been heard before

A stage set only for me

And I will command it

I used to not only fear failure

But I used to fear success

What would happen if I achieved my dream?

And couldn’t handle it?

But weeks ago both fears dissipated

Sifted through my fingers like sand on a beach

Now, only left with moments throughout the day

In which I can create at will

All for that moment

When I am fully dressed

And fix my tie one last time

To capture my destiny.

– Evan Sanders


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  • Brandon
    June 18, 2014 at 9:57 am

    Great words, inspiring as always. Fear can be so destructive but it takes courage “to capture destiny.” Well done Evan. 🙂