The Burning Room


Left me feeling dirty

Tossed aside like a used towel

No spoken words

Just letters on the screen

The loudness of the silence

I sit here trying not to hang my head

Pride lifts it up

The sky weighs it down

Music speaks to me as I close my eyes

A meager attempt to hold back tears

My hands shake like they did 5 years ago

As goosebumps cover my skin

It’s not truth

It’s not loving

It’s an unseen right hook

Delivering a battering punishment

Straight to my heart

And here I stand

In this burning room

Heart in pieces

Like broken glass on the ground

I see the loyalty





Laying there

As much as I want to pick it up right away I know I can’t

Those pieces are sharp and cutting

Time needs to soften the edges

So I can hold onto what’s left over

And pour those pieces back into myself

To phoenix

First to ash

Then to flame

There’s no room for hate

Or anger

Not because it’s undeserving

But because it will only create more pain

It will only shackle me down

Into the darkness

But my life is about light





And giving people the goodness within me

There will be times when I crack

There will be times when I fall

And just because I’m losing

Doesn’t mean I’m lost.

– Evan Sanders

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