This past year was really something. But hey, let me tell you right now, 2k14 is going to be incredible.

This year is a year of doing. Last year, well, it was a great year for learning. I was pushed to my limits in many ways and learned a great deal about myself. Sure the learning will never end, but this year is going to be about implementing everything I know.

I wanted to say thank you to all of the people over the past year and the years before who have been commenting here on my blog and making it a place for me to go to for inspiration as well. Im sure that sounds a bit funny to you but reading the comments and engaging with people around the blog is one of my favorite parts about my day. So thank you. I appreciate it more than you know.

Set goals this year. Big goals. Scary goals. Goals that scare the heck out of you. That’s how you know they are big enough.

Dream big this year. Be silly. Be you. Be goofy. Be happy. Live in the moment. Never forget who you are.

Reach for the stars this year. Suffer through the pain. Smile bigger. And know in your heart that the struggle is worth it in the end.

Love this year. Love deeper than you ever have before. Let the past go. Smile at it. And focus on being present.

Put your phone down this year when you are with other people. Give them your full attention. They deserve it. You never know how long they will be there.

Take care of your body this year. It is the greatest tool you will ever have.

– Evan Sanders