I Testify

That Battle between pride and shame

Brought me to this point

Of seeing imperfections perfectly

And opportunity willingly

I was scared

I am still a little bit

But you can waste your life away wondering

Or drive yourself into the fog

Just knowing that the next 200ft will come

And that you will have the ability to react if need be

I testify to the world

That life dragged be through the mud

That I have sabotaged my own goals

With no defense at all

Fighting against the feeling of undeservingness

Which is rooted in truth

Just lies

I see a future bright

But right now, the focus is on one thing

Constantly getting back up no matter what

To fail, and to fail, and to fail

And have no other reaction but to rise

The ground view is interesting

You see the stars in their beauty

But looking down might be a nice change of pace

To see where you began

Faith drives me through this

That bet on oneself

And I know, deep within

It will all be okay.

– Evan Sanders