Effort…is between you…and you

No one else will truly know how much you gave it today

They only see what you are doing at the moment

And that is how they make their judgements

If you are going to give them something to judge, make it great

Shake up the world

But it still comes down to you

And how much you have in the tank

How much you can step down on the gas

You have to ask yourself

Is this my best?

If it is

One up yourself

If it isn’t


At the end of the day, only you look in the mirror

And the eyes staring back at you tell you the truth

Each day you have an opportunity to rise to the occasion

Go beyond your previous limits

Crush mental barriers

Hurdle emotional obstacles

Run through the physical pain

Only you have the power to do that

Sure someone may motivate you for a while

But true change comes from within

That is where the magic is

That is how you explode into the atmosphere

Rise to the occasion

– Evan Sanders