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Day (471) – The Intro & The Journey…Why The Hell Not

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Take the pledge. Join the #BetterMW movement. It’s a movement of people who are committed to becoming better men and women each and every day…and who stand for the greatness of others. Together we can turn this ship around. It’s going to start small…but one day…it will be big. What do you have to do? Just say that you are taking the pledge…and go make your mark on the world.

When Ted Williams was a young boy, his schoolteacher went around the classroom and asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up. Many said firefighters, doctors, dentists etc…and when it came time for Williams to answer, he said, “I want people to say there goes the greatest hitter who ever lived.” Many laughed.

Ted Wiliams hit .406 in 1941 and was arguably one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game.

I had this interesting exchange with someone the other day. I sent out at message that was similar to Williams’. I said that one day I want people to say, “There goes Evan Sanders…the most inspiring man who ever lived.” The response was in no way bad…and he said (paraphrasing) “Even more inspiring that Obama or MLK? I’m all for goals but is that realistic?” That made me think…and I took a dive within. Is it realistic? Can you do that?

Why the hell not.

Everyone who has ever walked on the face of this earth started off as the little guy. They were nobody. Nobody knew of them. No one talked about them. It was just them, their family, and the voice inside. And really…that’s all you need. If you declare into the world that you are going to be something or do something, then you have already taken a massive step. You might not know exactly how to accomplish the task…but true courage is taking a leap of faith and building your wings on the way down. Focus too much on the plan and you’ll never jump. Focus too much on the fact you just jumped…splat.

You are what you do every single day. So whatever you are doing is eventually what you become. Aristotle said that excellence is born through habit. It isn’t something that is given to us…it is something that we have to grind out each and every day. If you think of the inspiring men that have  put memorable footprints in the sand…you must also wonder what they did consistently to become that person. Because we were all given gifts, but on every journey the amount of work that you have to commit to a task eventually overtakes the natural talents you were given. Sweat equity comes to mind.

So that’s my goal – and to start off that dream…I have turned The Better Man Project into a movement. Like I said above, it’s about people who are interested in becoming better men and women. That’s how I started my journey and everything else came to me along the way. And I have to tell you, to think about the life I had before this project still amazes me. No heart, no passion, tons of quitting…the list goes on and on. But you can turn it all around and that’s what I want for each and every one of us. Everybody has something amazing to bring to the table. So if we stop focusing on what makes us different from everyone else and start seeing the massive similarities we all have, whether that be emotions or experiences, then something fantastic  can happen. So join me. Comment below with just your name, your location, and age. I know that we will be able to fill up the worlds map with people who are committed to becoming just a little bit better every day. #BetterMW

- Evan Sanders


  1. Ernesto Collins
    July 9, 2013

    i love it your blog inspires me so much Ernesto, Fontana , CA 23

  2. Rochma
    July 6, 2013

    Rochma, Philippines. 20

    You inspired me a lot especially when I feel so uninspired
    and about to give up. Thank you!

  3. July 5, 2013

    Shamz, South Africa, 31

  4. July 2, 2013

    Thanks fo the visit to my blog. Yours is awesome! Glad I came here. I feel the same way:)
    Sweety India 26

  5. July 2, 2013

    Absolutely; we all have so much potential. The key for me is taking criticism well. If I take every criticism badly, how do I expect to grow? Rather, I need to learn to see criticism as an opportunity for growth.

  6. July 2, 2013

    Reblogged this on etherealplume.

  7. July 1, 2013

    Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Shine On Award! You don’t need to pass it along, but I do hope it has made your day a little brighter! :)

  8. July 1, 2013

    Megan, Canada, 22.

    You inspire me.

  9. June 30, 2013

    You are inspiring! wow. I wish you could talk to all the “at risk” kids all over the nation. You say what I wish I could if I thought the people around here in my area would listen to….. This is why I am a teacher and a writer because that is what I do everyday.
    Thank you!

  10. June 29, 2013

    Kelly Australia 39

  11. June 29, 2013

    Awesome! :)
    Kim, Canada, 27

  12. June 29, 2013

    Kevin, New York, 17

  13. June 29, 2013

    That was awesome! Happiness over money ANY DAY…..♥

  14. June 29, 2013

    Came back to watch the video – some things I was also thinking about as I drove home from work yesterday – big houses, expensive cars, etc., as well as where IS the love? Enjoyed the video. You are expressing what others are feeling as well as observing! Be great :)

  15. June 29, 2013

    Mary, Ohio, 57

  16. June 29, 2013

    Awesome! You rock! Powerful and uplifting and changing the world.
    Thomas, Indianapolis, 43

  17. June 29, 2013

    Thank you so much!to know, that we’re all together on this way feels so good! Anika, 23, germany

  18. Damon Nelson
    June 28, 2013

    Damon Nelson, 38, Chicago.

  19. Yui
    June 28, 2013

    Yui, Australia, 23 :) Thanks for giving me a new way of looking at the future

  20. June 28, 2013

    i love following your blog – it’s the uplift i need right when i need it. you’re so right about not settling (yes we all have bills to pay but if you plan a lil’ you can be happy and still make enough money to be happy); also i totally agree that you aim high – if you assume you can’t do it, then you won’t; maybe you won’t make it but you definitely won’t if you don’t try. it’s a lil like the lotto – the odds may not be great (or even in your favor at all) but you definitely won’t win if you don’t buy the ticket. great post! it scares me to commit to something so big but that’s probably why i should so i will – jennifer, california, 31 (almost 32) :)

  21. June 28, 2013

    Why the hell not indeed. It’s the naysayers that make it so easy to say no to yourself too. Love the momentum behind all this.

  22. June 28, 2013

    I’ve been struggling with this lately; it will be good to have a reminder.
    Faith, WI, 22

  23. June 28, 2013

    Your blog is always a good butt kicking to read;

    Sarah , Canada bc , 17 (:

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