Day (457) – A Dream ReLaunches

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The book has launched!!! Thank you everyone for supporting me. I would love for you to share this if you can or if you have read the book already, please write a review on the sites below (it would help a ton!) It can be found for ($4.99) at these retailers

Amazon –

iTunes –

Kobo –

Sony –

If you have two minutes, please check out the video for the project – it gives some details as to what the book is about as well as my general mission.
Here’s what some have said about the book so far

“Sanders unlocks the door of each aspect of a man’s world as he breaks through the boundaries of life’s disappointments, anguish, pain, and hostility. He uncovers the mysteries of love, honesty, integrity and respect. His acute sense of understanding the world around him and his ability to relate to all people enables him to share his philosophies and he gifts his inspiration to us in this book. It is not his full story. It is not the answer. It is the beginning and the now of a great man and his unique insights to how we can all become better every day.” – Melissa Reyes

I have been hooked since the first blog post I ever read! Evans openess to share his life’s ups and downs, and insights into life is just inspiring. You get to know Evan through these pages and it is perfect because, you will get to know yourself as well. I related to many many pages and I think you will too, it is for everyone, young and old, short and tall. Download a copy of The Better Man Project to help motivate, inspire and get a move on to accomplish your own dreams and help someone accomplish theirs! – Amberly G

“This book is a groundbreaking work that will inspire men and women alike.” – endsolitary


This book is not just for men, its for anyone and everyone. The authors ability to connect to my life was astounding. I found myself repeatedly looking over my shoulder as I read the book because there were so many times where I felt like the author was writing about my own life and to my very situation. This book is so much about hope for the author and for those that read it. Countless times in my life I have felt like no one has felt the way I have and then I read this book and realized that I am so far from alone. The author’s openness and venerability is what makes this book so amazing and like nothing else on the market. Yes, its categorized under “Self Help” but this book leaves you with a feeling of something so far from being on your own in this world. I know that I will dive back into those pages for years and years to come. This will not be one of those book you read one time, it’s a book that you will come back to again and again and I am certain you will find new depth and new truth each and every time. – Ivy Stracener

“I recommend this book highly for anyone that has a dream that they themselves are holding in a mental prison.” – teddy3indc

The Better Man Project is not your typical book. Do not let the title fool you either. This book is not just for men-it is for anyone. You don’t even have to be looking to become a better person to read this book, but I will tell you that it will inevitably happen.
This book is filled with real life events, both good and bad, that have a way of speaking to any audience. I found myself rereading many pages of this book, realizing how much I could relate to what Evan has written about. This book has not only helped me jumpstart a new, more positive way of thinking, but has also allowed me to reflect on certain aspects of my own life that I would not have before reading this.

This book does not have the answer to all of my life questions, nor does it solve all of my problems, but it like I already mentioned, has opened my mind to a more positive, optimistic way of living and thinking. This book is worth WAY more than the price it can be bought for, so, like I did, skip your 5 dollar latte today and spend that money on this book! It’s worth it! – Julie Grosso

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Thank you for supporting me! I promise you that it is going to be one awesome wild ride.

– Evan Sanders

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