“Focus. Prepare. Get a jump on the city. Out the door before the paper arrives. Get to the gym before the guy who owns the gym. This is the push that makes the future appear. The hard work that makes the luck happen. The honor of a routine  nobody will ever know about. Always preparing for what’s next. Cause the minute you take a step back and rest on what you did, you’re done. This is what we call pre. The moments before when you prepare and determine what comes next. This is pre-rep. Pre-set. Pre-workout. Pre-results. Pre-competition, medal, trophy, title, endorsement deal, photo shoot, and fame. All this is pre all of that. So get started. Because everything is pre, and pre, is everything.”
– ON, Pre Commercial


The honor of a routine that no one will ever know about. Most days you will wake up feeling average – like  there’s nothing special about the day. But it is your routine that will drive you to greatness. The routine that you have set in place that takes you each day one step closer to your  goals. Map it out. Cross it off each day. Have faith and don’t look back to the shore behind you. Set sail and just go – you will discover a brave new world.

– Evan Sanders

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