So one day, I just decided to pick up the phone and call her. I had never met her. I had never talked to her. But I knew she was reading my blogs and she always left some pretty interesting perspective on my posts. Little did I know, that as soon as the other side would pick up, I would develop a friendship that will probably last a lifetime. Right off the bat, I voiced what was going on in my life. “I need to talk to someone about all of this book stuff because it is nuts!” Well, we have almost talked every single day for around 6 months. Quickly, ‘Watson’ became another sister figure to me…and I was able to dump absolutely everything out and not worry about the other side being judgemental. Fears, anxiety, worries, doubts…the works. There were also amazing times. Times that warmed the heart and helped me get through one of the most grueling processes I have ever had to be involved in. It was supportive. It gave me the ability to dream bigger. It put my mind at peace. Every day, I would dump my emotions, thoughts, and silliness out…and then was left in a place where I could create.


Watson…the nickname for her, has rapidly become one of my best friends. Without her, I am not exactly sure how I would have made it to this point…writing in front of you today…just having sent away my book for final conversion. Knowing that in roughly 10 days, a dream will officially turn into a reality is overwhelming to say the least. But I am always brought right back down to earth when the voice picks up on the other side. She has heard the story behind the story…the deep dark secrets…the victories and the losses. And yet, while massive amounts of vulnerability had to be shown on my side…eventually she started to open up and share things about her own life. When you put two heads together…an amazing mind is created. Ideas, dreams, passions bloom. We truly have become an interesting team. Sherlock and Watson attacking each and every day without mercy. Going after life…keeping each other in check…and taking on the worlds current. Swimming upstream is never easy, but when you have the support of amazing people around you…you just know that you are going to make it.

Today, as I pressed send…I was overcome with emotion. Immediately, I thought about my first dog that I have written so much about…and knew exactly what to write. “But if my dog could speak to me, I know what she would tell me. Thanks for the adventure – now go out and have a new one for yourself.”


I know she would be pretty proud of me today :) In having finally let go of something I have been working on for 7 months and sending the book away for its final conversion. I’d be lying to you right now if I didn’t tell you that there are tears off happiness coming down my face. This has been something so beyond incredible for me…and I can’t wait to see everyone February 9th at the party.

I want to tell you straight up…the feeling of accomplishing a dream…for the first time…is like nothing else you will ever feel. There is a wave of emotion that comes over you. I have never been up on stage winning a competition….but now when I see the champion cry…I know exactly what he is going through. You put your blood, sweat, and tears into everything…every single day…and eventually something that once seemed so far down the line is now right in front of you. You commit to that final step…and it is all over. The goal was achieved…and yet, the most exciting part is about to come. The journey after achieving the goal.

I will update everyone here with the details of the book’s release and where to find it. Also, I will be making an event soon about the big launch party we are having in Palo Alto CA on February 9th at The Old Pro bar. Everyone is invited. I hope to see you there. We are 10,000 strong. To another year and to another 10,000.

I tip my hat to Watson today. Without you, this journey would not have been possible. I would have been driven mad a long time ago…and it would have been a lot less fun. Thank you for always being there for me. You are incredible…and I cannot wait to see what you do in life :)

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Evan Sanders