I like keeping you guys involved in my plans. I have some pretty hefty goals for this year. Amongst achieving 1,000,000 views on the blog, starting my coaching career, attending seminars and coaching clinics so I can improve upon myself and my work, launching my first book…I also have a goal of getting 10,000 people on the Facebook Fan Page. Why?

Not just a PR thing…I actually have a purpose and goal behind it. See, I want to create a haven for people to go online where they can share their thoughts, gain inspiration, talk to me, talk to others…the list really goes on. I am not fan of one way communication. I have been in contact with people all around the world who write to me, and a lot of us agree that the online space is a “comment and expect no response space.” I don’t want to just push content out to everyone and not be a part of the conversation after. I want you guys to push content to me. SO. I have created a RECOMMENDATIONS page on this blog site for everyone to throw down their suggestions for me. Put up videos. Put up books for me to read. Put up photos. I mean we already have an incredible few pages here with the “Best advice I ever got” and “Favorite Quotes.” Eventually, I am going to put them all together for people to read. They are fascinating.

So what’s the bottom line. I need you to link up with me on the following.


Go to the Facebook Page, click the like button, and share your thoughts. I love hearing your opinions, advice, thoughts, the works. We need to hit 10,000 this year as a benchmark…and I promise to you that I will be there responding away.


I’m going to tell yah, it is an amazing feeling starting something…and then through all the work, achieving your goal. There is no other feeling in the world than doing what you said you are going to do. Sounds really dopey, but in all honesty, most of the time we make plans and then don’t follow through. That is just how it works. But keep in mind, mediocrity is the enemy. Those days where you just kind of float around, that is where the enemy lives. Not the times where you get dragged down in the dumps, but where you let opportunities go by without seizing the moment. There are days where you need to attack. Yes, sometimes you will be sore, you will be sick, you will be feeling 50-80%…but those are the times where you just have to keep hammering away. The momentum days. I proclaim those days out loud when I feel like junk.

If you dream big, you have the opportunity to do big things. That is how the equation works. Whatever you set your mind to…you give yourself the chance to make that happen. I look at my goals board this year, and frankly these goals scare the hell out of me. Good. Because remember…mediocrity is the enemy.

Get your butt over to the Fan Page.

Evan Sanders

Love. Passion. Never Quit.