Year: 2013

Rise Up And Be An Outlier

Our natural tendency is to be mediocre. The world doesn’t want us to be anything but in the curve because that’s the safe zone. The zone where a majority of everyone else is as well. The zone that will keep you doing, being, and acting average. Normal is death. There comes a point in everyone’s life where they just want to be normal. To fit in. To be accepted by the group. I tried that. I tried that a few times. But you want to know what I learned from trying to be like everyone else? 1. It’s impossible. 2. It’s just boring. Why would you want to be anything but yourself. You were born and given the most unique gifts in the world that no one else has in the same combination as you. I say leverage what you are good at, work on what you are bad at and dream . Dream greatly. Live daringly. Speak kind words and inspire the hearts of others. Be anything but normal. Be strange. Be weird. Be outrageous. Be anything but boring. – Evan...

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The Man Who Acts

The past year was a learning experience You were tested You wrote You learned But this year is a year of action Of taking everything that you have learned over the past year and putting it to work Your beliefs Your skills Your talents There are lots of possibilities Lots of options Let’s be honest for a second You really don’t know what you are truly capable of Impossible is just something you haven’t found the solution to yet It doesn’t mean that one doesn’t exist So create it Create the future By acting in the present Actions are the most valuable commodities on the planet Words, even graceful ones, can be created by anybody You can write them, speak them, post them anywhere to the world But the man who acts – that man is invaluable He gets things done He works He grinds And he creates a beautiful world For himself and others I vow – Evan...

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What Makes A Man: That 90% – 10% principle

When I was young I thought you had to hold onto everything you cared about as tight as you could. To think of it, my stuffed turtle Speedy was probably locked in a stranglehold most nights I fell asleep. Being scared of the dark sucked. Combine that with a flowing imagination and you have some interesting evenings. As I grew older I realized just how little control you really have over life. Things slip and sift through your fingers without your control and you begin to learn what the feeling of loss is like. When you are used to having a grasp on everything, that feeling of having no control can come as quite a surprise. Eventually, songs like Hold On Loosely by .38 Special became pretty relevant. So life moved on and it continued to teach me some pretty valuable lessons about not holding on too tight to things. I lost my first love – baseball – with no valid explanation. That broke my heart. I lost myself once. I lost an angel. I lost friends. Things just continued to slip – and not because I was destroying anything – but because that was the natural cycle of life. And then, for most of us, we play the guessing game of “what if?” or “why?” But the only thing you gain from asking yourself those questions after something is already...

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Stand In It – Heat Builds Character

When I was little I used to run around the yard with my dog and pretend that I was saving her and protecting the world from monsters. It’s funny how not much has changed in my mind since then. She is long gone but I still think back to those times and smile. I found out at a very early age that a dog was indeed a mans best friend. But she left something in me that seems to have never gone away. I’m still running around, protecting, and fighting off the monsters – I just do it in a very different way now. When I set out on this journey, I wanted to be a man of character. I wanted to develop traits that I didn’t have and to accomplish things I had always failed at. Of course, when you are in the thick of it, you really have no real gauge on how much you have accomplished since the beginning of something. So for the past couple of days, I have taken a step back and really thought about where I have come from and how much has been done. It’s really interesting to me to think about it all and to be able to whittle it down to one word that defines everything for me: kindness. I have my moments of course, but what I have...

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An Angel Like You Since The Devil In Me

Your caged I know you’re there Never going away Under wraps Under constant guard You’re heard You’re seen But that lock ain’t coming undone ever again I feel you rattling the bars Yelling out Writing advice to steer me off path Lockin’ Loadin’ You yell as they leave Blood boilin’ Ragin’ Shaking the foundations Crumbling the earth   Trying to find a way to get out To wreck havoc To burn it down But all you see is a back Turned away from you And you can’t take it But every step away makes you smaller And you try to get back You try to manipulate But you fail Because these steps in the other direction won’t end You’ve been heard and seen enough Nothing else to offer And that’s the truth Gave nothing Took everything Took more than you deserved You keep yelling though But it becomes fainter And fear sets in those eyes Right before you disappear into the depths Always locked there Unseen Heard but not granted the right To ever control again I say my farewell – Evan...

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