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I’ve been riding a high for the past day. The feeling I get from watching the video is like none other. I just smile every single time I watch it. It makes me incredibly happy. I want to talk about something today though that is incredibly important. Avoiding the flats.


I am so close I can almost taste it. January 10th, the launch date of a work that I have put my heart and soul into, will be coming out for the world to see.  But that is what this is all about. There is the last part of the hill to climb. I have never been here before. Not at this level. There is the last part of the dream. You can’t stop now because you are so close. The countdown begins. Ticking. Ticking. Ticking. Set your mark.





Never Quit.






Everything you have ever wished for is right around the corner. You have put in the work. Years and years. Now it is time to finish it off. To sit there on that day with a smile on your face because it is complete. This is the big show. Your baseball dream…this is that dream manufactured into a different vision. It has the same weight. You remember taking those deep breaths during the last batters of the game?

Breathe deep. Feel the crunch of the dirt underneath your feet. Feel the cleats gripping into the rubber.  Feel the grip of the seams in your hands.  Breathe. Stare into the catchers mitt. ‘Fastball…outside corner…knee height.’ Breathe. Breathe. ‘Lets go.’

Evan Sanders

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