Right out of school, I wanted to do and be something different. I tried the job route…countless applications to famous marketing/advertising companies…believing that these places would be a haven for creativity, and a place where I could expand my mind. But I never got call or emails. In fact, the whole process made me feel worthless. It made me feel like everything I had worked so hard on my entire life, was not good enough for anyone. In the job world, you put your heart on the line, and people treat you exactly like they view you, an applicant #. The interviews I did go to…I did what had to be done…and it came down to a final decision. Take a job in the city, an incredibly good paying job…cold calling about an IT performance platform…or do something different. “What is your dream.”

My dream, and you can find this in part of my About Me section, is to become an American novelist. To write for a living. But not to write about just anything…to write in a way that will inspire people to go after their dreams and fight through any obstacle that may arise on their journey to get there. To incite people to start their journey, even if they have close to no idea on how to get there. To create a community of people who support not only my dreams, but each others. And to take that initial culture…and infect everyone else. Because an idea is infectious. And we will contaminate the rest of everyone else around us with love, with passion, and with a never quitting attitude. Most of all, we will seep integrity…honesty…and the power of dreams.

12 days. 12 days until I take the biggest risk of my life. And it is the biggest risk so far…and it is seeing the realization of a goal…the largest goal I have ever set for myself. When I was 5, I knew I wanted to become a professional baseball player. I spent most of my life training and putting my heart into that, and I just fell short. But when that dream died…a new one was born. To take everything I had ever learned, and write about it in a way that could relate to people and help them accomplish their visions. I wanted to write. I wanted to speak. And I wanted to preach positive words…as a man who is looking to get better and stronger each and every day. Not as an infallible man…but as a human. As someone who is unafraid to tell the truth of his own shortcomings and failures, and as someone who celebrates the light as well as the darkness. But if there was one thing…as a man who authentically stands for others.

This book…is my heart and soul. In fact, there is a lot in there that you haven’t seen. A whole world that hasn’t been shown. It shows the beginning…when everything was clouded by the emotional tornado I speak of so often. It shows me…down to my core at the time. Right now, you see the result of years of blood, sweat, and tears…but back then…there was just a beginning. A decision to take that first step. That first step into a cave which was shrouded in darkness. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. There was just the lantern I was carrying in my hand. I had no idea what was in store for me, who I would meet and lose along the way, or what I would learn about myself. But the decision to walk into that cave was the best thing that ever happened to me…and I want you to go there with me…and take your own journey.

There is no end to this for me. I have ventured down into a place that I never want to ignore again. There are times when the oil in the lamp becomes low and the light becomes dim…and there are also times that light illuminates the whole room. But it will never end. The day that I can’t write anymore…will be the day the journey ends…and that will be the day the light goes out.

So I make a promise…one backed by my word and my entire person. Night or day…I will stand for an idea. That with every ounce of my being, I will live to help people live powerful and impassioned lives. That is why I am here…and that is what I am meant to do. And I need your help. I need you to jump on the train with me…no matter how scared you are or nervous, and we will all do this together. This train is rolling, and in 12 days, the first piece of the track is being traveled. I would love everyone’s support, because with your support, the next phase of my life and The Better Man Project is born.

All I can say is thank you,


Evan Sanders

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