Definite Chief Aim

There was a man who had seven sons who were always quarreling among themselves. One day he called them together and informed that he wished to demonstrate just what their lack of co-operative effort meant. he had prepared a bundle of seven sticks which he had carefully tied together. One by one he asked his sons to take the bundle and break it. Each son tried, but in vain. Then he cut the strings and handed one of the sticks to each of his sons and asked him to break it over his knee. After the sticks had all been broken, with ease, he said: “When you boys work together in a spirit of harmony you resemble the bundle of sticks, and no one can defeat you; but when you quarrel among yourselves anyone can defeat you one at a time.”

A man who had no legs once met a man who was blind. To prove conclusively that the lame man was a man of vision he proposed to the blind man that they form an alliance that would be of great benefit to both. “You let me climb upon your back,” said he to the blind man, “then I will use your legs and you may use my eyes. Between the two of us we will et along more rapidly.”

Initiative and Leadership

Having chosen a definite chief aim as my life work (to inspire the people around me to live incredibly powerful and inspiring lives) I now understand it to be my duty to transform this purpose into reality.

Therefore, I will form the habit of taking some definite action each day that will carry me one step nearer to the attainment of my definite chief aim.

I know that procrastination is a deadly enemy of all who would become leaders in any undertaking, and I will eliminate this habit from my make-up by:

1. Doing some one definite thing each day, that ought to be done, without anyone telling me to do it

2. Looking around until I find at least one thing that I can do each day, that I have not been in the habit of doing, and that will be of value to others, without expectation of pay

3. telling at least one other person, each day, of the value of practicing this habit of doing something that ought to be done without being told to do it

I can see that the muscles of the body become strong in proportion to the extent to which they are used, therefore I understand that the habit of initiative also becomes fixed in proportion to the extent that it is practiced.

I realize that the place to begin developing the habit of initiative is in the small, common place things connected with my daily work, therefore I will go at my work each day as if I were doing it solely for the purpose of developing this necessary habit of initiative.

I understand that by practicing this habit of taking the initiative in connection with my daily work I will be not only developing that habit, but I will also be attracting the attention of those who will place greater value on my services as a result of this practice.

It’s really quite simple, the tools are out there for you to succeed. You have to want it bad. The above statements are framed on my wall in my room where I can see them and read them every single day. Choose what you are out to do in the world, write it out, formulate your plan, and go do it. Action. Action. Action. Without it, you are as good as a rock to the world.

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Evan Sanders

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  • Dave Cooke
    September 4, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Perfect! Your vision is to transform lives! Note that you are simply taking action in that direction, knowing that your inspired and consistent action will make a difference even if you do not know how it will. You have taken on your version of my 100Day Challenge. It will change your world and others. Peace!!

  • KReative_Works
    September 5, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Great post. We so often look everywhere but inside for what we need.