What was I thinking? I mean really. I took a look at what I wrote the other day for the application for the award, and it had absolutely no style, none of my voice, and I was playing it completely safe. What do I have to lose? Playing it safe doesn’t even represent me as a person. So I have to do what I know best…and here is my rewrite of my application. Please accept this change. Btw this post keeps changing because I have been editing along the way as new words and ideas come to mind.

What do you believe has been your greatest contribution to the Santa Clara University community? Please provide a description of your engagement/leadership and how you believe the community has been impacted. [Please limit your response to 250 words]

It all ended very fast. Since I was 5 years old, I had been playing baseball, and after two surgeries, endless doctors visits, and extreme amounts of physical pain, I was in my head coach’s office, tears in my eyes, telling him I had to hang up the cleats. My dream was gone.

What am I going to do? It was a week later that I was sitting on a bench in the gym in between sets, watching people workout. How can I take the supportive brotherhood feeling my baseball team fostered, combine it with my passion for fitness, and help people achieve their goals? Later that evening, The Iron Broncos was born. We now stand 500 members strong as a community committed to health, fitness, and goals.

Something was missing though. Heart. I looked at myself and realized that after baseball ended, I was afraid to dream. I realized that I needed to have the courage to be vulnerable again, and achieve my goal of changing the world. In this, The Better Man Project was birthed… a journey towards becoming a better man and learning from the world’s greatest teacher: everyday life.

I found that fiery passion I had always been looking for, and realized that it had one major purpose: to inspire people around me to live powerful and inspiring lives. I harnessed this passion and began to preach the message to my SCU community that against all of our doubts and fears, we must always live outside our comfort zone and become shining lights for the world. I believe my greatest contribution to my community was by enabling and supporting the dreams of others, and leading by example as a representation of passion and integrity.

Love. Passion. Never Quit.

In addition to the information provided above, is there anything else that you want the Awards Committee to know about you as they consider your nomination? [Please limit your response to 200 words.

While Santa Clara provided me with a fantastic education, it is the lessons I learned from my teachers, my teammates, and my friends that will forever shape me. Without the development of my mind and my soul, the foundation I am building my life upon today would not exist. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for spending four years here, except for these: thank you.

I would be honored to represent Mr. Nobili and my peers by receiving this award,

Evan Sanders