Starting from the Beginning


My first memory: My first memory was being in the hospital when I was 3 years old. My appendix had exploded, and went misdiagnosed for a few days. The result of this misdiagnosis was that my body was filling up with stuff that shouldn’t have been inside of me and was making me incredibly sick. Apparently, so sick that if I hadn’t made it to the hospital in a few hours, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing you today. I remember having my blood taken, getting stickers for being a “big brave boy” and playing in the game room with the other kids. I remember walking down the halls with my mom when I was strong enough holding my IV. I remember looking outside at night laying at my bed seeing the ambulance lights going off. I remember looking across the room, and seeing my mom laying there in the chair. I spent two weeks in the hospital because at week one my veins collapsed from so much blood being taken. So I guess from the start I faced grueling adversity. I made it out though, and that is all that counts.

My second memory: I was either 3 or 4 when I went outside with my mom and we painted these huge pinecones gold for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I remember this distinctly because it was right around the holidays and decorating the house was always the best time of the year. I don’t exactly know why this one stuck with me so much, but it just proves that I have a very visual memory.

My third memory: I think I was around 5 years old, but I remember telling my mom that I was going to take a walk with my dog (Buckwheat). I remember this because I felt so independent, and proceeded to walk down the hill with my dog. We then took a left and walked down the street. Funny thing was, my shoe came untied and I walked into someones house to see if they could tie my shoe. After they tied my shoe, I was on my way again. Soon after that, I was quickly picked up by a police officer and was driven back up the hill to my house. I remember him showing me his badge and letting me pet his dog in the back. When I got up to the top of the hill, there were about 15 cop cars with all their lights going off…and my mom standing at the top of the bricks. She was incredibly happy to see me, but you could also tell she had the look of “I am going to kill you!” That was the last time I took a walk without her going with me.

My fourth memory: I had my first kiss when I was in kindergarten. Her name was Gabriella. We were sitting waiting for our parents to pick us up next to the classrooms, and all the sudden she kissed me! I had no idea what had happened, and felt light-headed sitting in line. Two days later, she pushed me into a rosebush and laughed. I wasn’t laughing…I had to go home because I was so cut up and bloody. That was my first experience with love I guess. Women, they will kiss you, and then push you into a rosebush as a joke. 🙂

My fifth memory: I have no idea how old I was, but I was being raced in my dad’s VW Eurovan to Little League picture day. I don’t know why we were always late, or couldn’t go, but that was my little league picture day annual experience. The revving of a car that could go 0-60 in 2 weeks.

I have to say, this process of just sitting down and trying to remember things that happened throughout my life that are really significant to me is incredibly fun. I am going to do a full series of these and really just try to write down everything I remember from when I was little. If there is any message in this, especially while I am writing an introduction to the book, it would be to remember where you came from. The past doesn’t necessarily matter in how you act today, but it certainly gives you a good idea of how you arrived at where you are at. That is incredibly important to me. I will always remember the things that have happened as lessons I have learned along the way. I hope you will to.


Evan Sanders

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  • Chad the Velociraptor
    March 29, 2012 at 8:55 am

    I think this is awesome. 😀 Aside from the obvious delight in remembering (and reading on my part) these past events, I agree that there’s some meaning behind it; everything, in retrospect, becomes a tree laden with fruits. We just need to find out how to “get” them.

    Keep this up!

  • Die reis
    March 29, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Love the memory of you taking your dog for a walk, and your first experience with love…so cute. I’m going to try and remember some of my first experiences too.

  • hadleykaden
    April 1, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Love this idea. Sometimes I wonder if my earliest memories are my own or of stories that have been told that I have somehow converted into memories. Either way, I am definitely going to take some time to remember my first ones.