Day (99) – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger



God that quote above gets it right. So I am going to make an interesting connection tonight. I am sitting here, watching my girlfriend who is watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Now I am not advocating what some of these girls do to themselves to get into that type of shape…I am not even going there. But my connection is, whatever these girls wanted to do, they told themselves they wanted to get there and they did. So…the mind is much more important the body. That is what I am talking about tonight. Your mind can accomplish anything you tell it to do. So commit to something, and go out and do it. No matter what it is. For once, follow through with something completely and see it all the way through. Don’t stop at 90%. Go until you are done.

One of the most interesting things I have read recently is of Olympic athletes who go into a depression state after winning a gold medal. So I have never won a gold medal, but I researched why this happens and it is because they have nothing to work for anymore. No goal or dream. I feel like this is completely valid…but it slightly misses the point of the whole endeavor. It is the journey that matters the most. You will accomplish great things in life, but do not for a second believe that you are the result. You are not the result. You are the journey. The suffering through failure after failure and the dedication to what you are doing is what is important. Because if you feel worthless after so much spent time and effort, then what is the point? No matter how hard it is, I always enjoy the process.

Todays post is short because there is nothing really left to say. Don’t spend too much time telling people what you are going to do, just do it. Say it. Do it. Keep it really simple. If you have to work out your plan from the end to the beginning. Other than that…go out and make your mark on the world.



Evan Sanders

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