This Is It

“This is it”

This little statement has changed my life. I came out of the Forum feeling on top of the world. I faced the facts and did something about my reality. Once the veil came off, it was amazing what I could see in front of my eyes. Colors were brighter, people were amazing to me. Things didn’t change. They transformed. Its amazing to think that I have lived my whole life trough the eyes of a 5 year old who created stories about what was going on. Once those stories were erased though, there was just…nothing. And that nothing, was exactly what I was looking for.

When there is nothing, there is also everything. Let me explain. When you are separated from your past, you can fully live in this moment, right now. You also have the potential to be able to create the future exactly the way you see it. Anything is possible in your life through this reality. That’s why “this is it” has changed everything for me. Because I know that this moment, pattering away on the keys is exactly what is in my life. Nothing else. No hauntings of the past. No future plagued by previous events. My life is whatever I want to make of it. It all really comes down to choice. You have the choice of what you want to have happen in your life. Choice primarily comes when you decide to accept the fact that complaining is illegal in your own life and you discontinue the daily stories you make up about people. Complaints are strictly annoyances or gripes about the events that are currently happening and how they don’t fit into what you think should be happening. I have made it my vow that I will not complain, or when I do, realize what opportunities I could create for myself out of that complaint.

Opportunity. This whole world is based around opportunity. But how do we create opportunity for ourselves. Well, by just going out and doing what you have always wanted to do. I have written right above my desk this quote…

Its time to start living the life you’ve only imagined

Its so true. I have imagined this grand life for such a long time, and now that I have fully been able to get out of my own way, I can start living that life. What’s interesting for me about coming out of the Forum is actually my new reactions to certain situations. I am going to have to have surgery on my knee, and won’t be able to walk for a few weeks because of the recuperation time. However, I am happy with the time that I have left working out and doing what I want to do on it before I have to go get it worked on. I know that everything will be fine, because my attitude about being in the moment and living my life through my new set of eyes will take me to good places. There is no fear in this heart.

In my room on my wall I have written my goals for this year. They are quite lofty, but 100% achievable. Anything is possible. The great thing is that I know what I have to do to achieve these goals. I was listening to this talk the other day, and the speaker said “Because we can, we must.” This means so many different things for me. Primarily though, I took it as a quote that keeps me in the moment and consistently reminds me that because we are able to do something great, we must do it. The world does not gain from our playing safe and being mediocre. The world gains through our blood sweat and tears. So its time to go out and put everything I got into life. For such a long time I worried about looking good or  trying not to look bad. Its funny, because its such a simple concept, but I finally realized how much it runs many of our lives. Instead, its time to just be me. I am completely unencumbered by anything that has happened over the course of my young 22 year life. I have taken what I learned from the first great years of my life, and in my new one, use those lessons to grow stronger, wiser, and of course…continue in my journey toward becoming a better man.

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