I love the song above. Cee Lo Green is just amazing. What is great about his story is that so many people counted him out because of his weight, but once they heard his voice, they were just stunned. I love all of his lyrics too. I listen to this song a lot in the mornings when I am going to go lift or going to work. Its just a great song that makes me feel really really good inside. 

Today is my last day of p90x for the week before my day off. Whew. This week kicked my butt! I have never been so sore in my entire life. Literally every muscle in my legs is hurting like hell and I cant feel my triceps, but I have to get through the last workout: Cardio Kickboxing (Kenpo). So how do I motivate myself to do this? Hell, Im going to do it in the pool! Not only will I stay cooler during the workout, but I might get a tan? No… but it actually will be harder with the water resistance. I remember doing plyometrics in the pool one time and it almost killed me it was so hard. This week, I lost 4 lbs. So all those people out there who are doing P90x or working hard to achieve their goals, keep kicking butt!

So why the picture? Liftoff? This is exactly how I feel right now. The past few days I have been listening to Brian Tracy and really listening to his words on motivation but most of all, unleashing your personal power and potential. For the longest time, I have let things that have happened over the years hold me back from doing absolutely amazing things. It has boiled down to forgiveness. I hadn’t forgiven people truly for things that have happened, but most importantly, I hadn’t forgiven myself for the things that I had either done or situations I had placed myself into. Well, over the past few days I have done a lot of forgiving. Now, I feel like the world is at my fingertips. I am happy, I am sleeping much more soundly, and I wake up and just feel great about what the day has to offer. I do not dread anything. The spaceship metaphor goes like this. Sometimes in life you have to go through all of these quality checks to make sure your ready to go. Just like a shuttle, if one thing is broken, they have to redo hundreds of quality checks all from the beginning after they fixed the problem. I have been doing the same thing in my life. “Alright Ev, here is something that broken, lets work on it, go back through the other stuff from the beginning, and get one step closer to takeoff.” You want to know what motivates me? Most of the greatest minds in human history have failed over and over again before they became successes. I keep that in mind when I fail, but I never talk to myself negatively because that is completely destructive. That tears apart all of the work I have done and makes me take steps backward instead of forward. So right now, I am very light hearted and free spirited. I am happier than I have been, ever. I am using every moment I have to continue improving. Listening to tapes and audiobooks in my car. Working on my 90 day goal with Tony Horton kicking my rear, and just taking life one day at a time with no focus on the past and goals for success in the future. Houston gave me the green light for takeoff. Ignition. 

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