They Will Say

They will say you cant, haven’t, or wont,

They will say you are overated, has been, never has been, never was,

They will say your arrogant, cocky, conceited,

They will confuse your passion for these things,

They confuse your love for obsession, weakness, eccentricity,

They will say you are too fat, too short, to weak,

They will say you are outspoken, all talk, a loud mouth,

They will confuse your drive with a push for power,

They will say you are afraid to fail, to take criticism, to take the heat,

But it is only you that knows that the pain gives you strength, that failure gives you motivation,

They will say your a poor loser,

They will say your not the best, your average, your mediocre,

They will say you don’t work hard enough, you make excuses, you aren’t a team player,

They will say what you want to do is impossible, improbable, unrealistic,

They will say you don’t have what it takes, you don’t have the skills, you don’t have the willpower,

They will say you dont work hard enough,

While you put your heart on the line every day,

They will say your past will keep you where you are,

They will say you didn’t live in the moment enough, analyze the past enough, or think about the future enough.

They will say these things, 

But one day,

They will say how great you were. 

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