It’s a Beautiful Life

I couldn’t ask for more. I have a pretty great life. Last night after I got home from Bay to Breakers, which by the way is probably my favorite day of the whole year, I sat down in bed just thinking of all the things that really make me smile. Sometimes we get all caught up in the things that don’t make us smile and think about them too much, as if they truly matter that much. Its funny how sometimes you need an event to break you out of a funk you are in. 2 years in a row, that event has been Bay to Breakers…thats why May 15 is much more than a event for me, its a pretty symbolic day. Even though I am dead tired, I am unbelievably happy. The energy in S.F. was just unreal. You could can it and sell it in supermarkets. Everything was just so perfect, everyone was so happy, and I was so excited to be there again that everything and anything that I ever worried about just disappeared. Of course I am going to still think about certain things, but that gut wrenching feeling is gone. It has been replaced by happiness and a big smile. 

There is no real way to convey the way I am feeling. Maybe that is why this post will be very short. Maybe the great thing about life is the existence of simplicity in the midst of all the complexity. It is so easy to really break down how complicated things are and make them even more complicated. But recently I have been looking at how simple things are. I am feeling this way…things are just like this…and this is what I have to do. Life is no math equation, but you can definitely keep things pretty simple. I found this great quote the other day on the bottom of a bottle cap. “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” Maybe that is what its about. Not sweating the little things. Worry about the big things. I think that goes hand in hand with not making something small something big. 

Whenever you see someone close to you hurting, just give them a hug and dont let go. Trust me, this solves things more than words, acts, or money. At first they will be tense, but then they will eventually let go. I did this for one of my friends today. Thats all he needed. Nothing else really mattered. I know that talking things out really helps, but just knowing I was there really gave him the opportunity to feel better. Through all of the pain I got him to laugh pretty hard. And thats what is amazing about this life. Things can really turn south fast, but despite what you think you have the steering wheel. You can turn that ship around. Sometimes the current will continue moving against you, but eventually you will catch wind in your sails. Then, you will take off, and that is one of the best feelings there is. 


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